Swapped with a Nerd Girl

Ned was swapped with the nerd girl Nancy after a lightening storm combined with Nancy’s dad’s machine swapped their bodies. Nancy was upset being a dude, but Ned seen this as an opportunity. He didn’t know when or if they could swap back, but he had to satisfy a curiosity he’s had for awhile now, about how it felt to have sex as a woman. He pleaded with Nancy to try it with him, and eventually she gave in, her own horniness pushing her to do it.

It was weird having sex with their former bodies, but it did feel good. Ned was having the most trouble however, as his pussy was super tight, and it hurt before it felt good.

Ned blurted out in Nancy’s voice, “Wow, you haven’t had sex much have you? This pussy is super tight.”

Nancy in Ned’s voice said, “No I haven’t, I was saving myself for someone special, maybe even you, but I’m not a virgin either, just not been with a lot of boys. Now all bets are off as we are in each other’s bodies now, not even sure if we will ever go back. After that I’ve thought, ‘who cares’ really? You’ll get used to it, and I’m sure it will get easier over time. Just wait for what’s in store next, Ned.”

Suddenly Nancy came inside him, and pulled out, as if anticipating something. Then Ned shuddered in multiple orgasm, and sprayed out his new pussy! He was multiple orgasmic, and a sprayer, KINKY! Nancy smiled, knowing she got her body off, and his body off.

The two never did find a way back, so they started dating as each other, and eventually they married. Ned never thought he would ever be a wife, but he was now as Nadia, and his curiosity had long been satisfied about sex as a female. To him it was way better than sex ever was as a male!


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