No Longer a Winning Athelete

Harold scored a winning touchdown during the high school football game. The team was splashing him with Gatorade when he black out. When he woke up (after the Great Shift) he was still being splashed, but this time by hot cum from a man! The cum alone stunned him, seeing, then feeling, tasting and smelling the salty liquid as it hit his face. He looked down to see the weights now tugging on his chest, and as he gasped, he realized it was the voice of Loren Baker, his high school English teacher!

He was now no longer a star athlete, and the only scoring he would be doing now would be with his new man, the principal! Harold really freaked when he realized he was getting cum on him from his principal Jeff Edwards. Harold had to admit his body felt turned on and sexy as Loren, so when he found out it was the Great Shift, he handled it better than most in town that were shifted.


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