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The phone booth

Summer walked into the club that night and grinded herself against all the guys and made sure to tent their dicks. Zack who was in control of Summer loved the feeling of rubbing Summer’s snatch on the tented dicks of guys in the club. Summer’s mini skirt gave easy access to that. At the club was Linda who was the regular bimbo queen of the club. She had believed herself to be the hottest slut in the club commanding all the men there. She was not happy looking at Summer having her way with the other guys at the club. Linda waited for Summer to go into the ladies before she grabbed one of her muscular bouncers and went in after her. She cleared the ladies toilet and in there was only Summer, Linda and the bouncer. Linda locked the door and got Zack who was in Summer’s body to come out of the stall. Zack walked summer’s body out and was not fazed. From his perspective, he was not in any harm at all. Linda was informing Zack that she had to go. Zack thought up a plan, and covered the bouncer’s mouth before shooting half of his liquified self into him. James, the bouncer staggered back before Zack was in control of his new muscular self. Zack started rubbing his new ebony thick dick to full erectness. The confused Linda was not sure what was happening, and Zack used James strong arms and pushed Linda’s mouth onto his new shaft forcing Linda to blow him. Zack reached around to rub Linda’s snatch while he did so. Zack moved Summer’s body so that James could start sucking on Summer’s luscious nipples. Linda was overwhelm with sexual pleasure before she was turned around and forced onto James thick shaft. The pain followed by throes of pleasure coursed through her. James forcefully lifted Linda on and off his thick dick before finally climaxing into her. When that happened, Zack forced all the liquid from Summer and James into Linda. Zack stood up in Linda’s body and transformed Linda’s lackluster chest to Summer’s chest. Linda’s hot body was now transformed into a sexual vixen. Zack used Linda’s hands to adjust Linda’s tight red dress and grabbed a squeeze on her new tits. Zack was pleased, unlocked the door to let everyone see the cum stained toilet of Summer and James. Zack got one of Linda’s male sex partners to take a picture of Zack’s new body next to an iconic phone booth. Zack is off to more fun

Look who’s here

Zack was in control of Lexi’s and Jack’s body. They were busy exploring each others body and fondling each other. The door bell rang and Zack hopped up in Lexi’s body to open the door. Outside was Lexi’s buxom friend Summer. Summer was visiting from out of state. Summer had just broken up with her boyfriend and needed somewhere to chill out her depression. Summer wore a singlet which was straining against her tits. Her nipples poked from underneath as she proceeded to hug Lexi thanking her for letting her stay. Lexi brought Summer in and locked the door after bringing in her luggage. From the back, Lexi grabbed Summer’s pert bottom under her mini skirt and Zack transformed Lexi’s hand into a lubricated shaft which proceeded to slide into Summer’s folds. Summer was shocked but couldn’t help moaning. Zack split himself into two again and from Lexi’s body, half the liquid forced it’s way into Summer. Zack’s vision became three. Zack grabbed his new chest using Summer’s hands and started fondling his nipples through Summer’s top. Zack lay Lexi’s body down on the floor, Summer’s snatch was placed on Lexi’s mouth as Zack slid Summer’s thongs off and Zack used Jack’s body to get a blow job using Summer’s dick sucking lips. The three way sex show went on before he changed things up again. He started sliding Jack’s shaft from the bottom of Summer’s chest and gave himself a tit job while using Summer’s mouth to lick his dick when he went through Summer’s cleavage. Summer’s body was truly insatiable. Zack finally lay Summer’s body on the floor and started pounding her snatch with Jack’s shaft while Summer ate Lexi’s snatch out. This went on till they all came. Zack finally forced himself into Summer’s slutty body and left Lexi and Jack’s body on the floor gasping. In the bathroom Zack was admiring his latest conquest and took Summer’s purse before heading out.

Threeway Swap

“Do you still think it was a good idea to fuck my wife behind my back?”, Jason asked rhetorically as he continued to ram his dick up that ass in front of him. Read more

warlocks threesome

I had been dating Becca for about a month and did my best not to push for sex too hard. We’d talk about it occasionally but she always seemed reluctant to do anything. Read more