Jack meets the neighbor

Jack wiped his dick on Mandy’s hair leaving his mark on her. Zack got Jack’s body dressed up the next day after bathing to go to work. In the bathroom, Zack finally looked at Jack’s scrawny body and limp dick. Zack transformed the liquid in Jack’s body transforming him into a walking adonis. Broad shoulders, popping chest muscles, defined six pack abs, muscular legs and a perky butt for women to long for. In his work clothes, Jack looked like a fitness model which women dreamed off. Zack went to work in Jack’s body using his memories and went back to his apartment after. Jack’s memories told Zack that Jack had a smoking neighbor who loved to do yoga. On his way back, he grabbed a footlong sandwich and headed up to his neighbor’s door. Knocking on it, Lexi answered the door in her yoga outfit drenched in sweat. Before Lexi could say anything, Zack covered Lexi’s mouth and shot some half of his liquid into her mouth. Taking over Lexi’s body, Zack saw himself looking at Lexi and at Jack at the same time. Zack walked himself into the apartment locking the door behind him. Zack used Jack’s hands to fondle Lexi’s sweaty body. Eventually, Zack had Jack’s clothes on the floor and Lexi’s body on her knees giving Jack’s shaft a blowjob. Jack came buckets into Lexi’s mouth. From Lexi’s memories, Zack knew that she had a friend coming tonight and thought to have a threesome with her.


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