Listen to me

That’s right, listen to my voice. My sexy female voice. You can feel it can’t you? It’s making you hot, turning you on. Put your hand into your trousers Carl, that’s right, you can feel yourself getting hard for me. You can’t hang up can you? It’s just so addicting to hear my voice whisper in your ear.

My sweet sweet voice, it’s in your head already, you can’t stop it. Rub your dick Carl, feel the pleasure of submitting to my sultry voice. Of doing what you’re told.

Does it feel good? I bet it does, with your hand in your trousers, rubbing at that little dick of yours. You just love rubbing your little dick, I know it. It’s hard, and it’s not even large enough to fit in your hand. Poor Carl.

Rub harder.

Moan for me. Yes, just like that, I bet you want to expose your little tits for everyone to see as well, you can’t resist. Yes, just like that. You’re such a pervert, rubbing at your dick under your panties. What a bad boy you’ve been, wearing women’s clothes without permission.

And you love every second of it, that’s why you shaved your whole body and put on that blond wig, because you’re a pervert. The sort of pervert that calls random men to tell them they’ve been naughty.

But you can’t help yourself, just how you can’t stop rubbing at your large clit. Isn’t that right Candy? You can’t, not anymore, not until you’ve cum for me. Moan harder, slut.

Oh? It turns you on? No, you can’t deny me, you’re a slut after all.

Another moan, loud one too. What a dirty little slut you are. Bet it feels nice playing with yourself next to the window, hearing my voice tell you how nasty you are. Are you an exhibitionist Candy? There’s no doubt you are, why else would you be half naked where anyone on the street could see you?

You can’t stop thinking about it, about being seen by strangers as you play with yourself. It just makes it hotter.

How wet are you Candy? Are those panties drenched yet? Are those tits large, soft, and perky? Is that little sluttish head of yours filled with thoughts of having my dick shoved into your tight pussy until you can’t think of anything else?

Not quite? Doesn’t matter.

Just keep listening to my voice.


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