Big Change

Ted didn’t know what to ask the genie for so just wished for a big change in his life. A complete turnaround to his mundane life.

The genie had just the solution making opposites on many things in Ted’s life. For example, he would now be a she, instead of not getting sex, he was now a sex maniac, instead of short dark hair, he now hand long blonde hair, instead of pecs, big boobies, instead of a cock, a pierced pussy, and instead of not being into substances, he was now a heavily drunk and drugged up chick, who even smoked some pot.

Ted was stunned when he was suddenly a bust blonde surrounded by cocks, feeling, smelling, and even tasting their hot cum as they spewed their love juice all over his sexy new face and tits.

Ted said in his new voice, “What the heck genie?!”

“You said you wanted a big change in your life, well I gave it to you. Now have nice life Tessa, enjoy your boy toys. I have other wishes to grant others,” said the genie before vanishing with the bottle!

Tessa looked up at her boy toys, they were Mark, Mike, and Merrill, his buddies, but they looked at him like he was just another conquest.

Mark said after hearing Tessa’s whimpers, “Ted, who in the world is Ted? Are you high right now woman? Or just oversexed? You don’t look like a Ted to me, and I don’t even know a Ted, do you guys?”

Mike and Merrill agreed, shaking their heads, they didn’t know a Ted, but did know a Tessa here, the group sex cum slut queen of the whole town, Tessa McCummings.

“Oh my gosh this is so sick,” said Tessa as she tried wiping the cum off her face and then her boobs, feeling them bounce and sway on her sexy new chest!

Tessa broke down after her friends left, now only treating her as a piece of ass. She cried for a bit in the mirror, realizing what had happened to her body and life, but what could she do now? She would be ok eventually, however, and she did start liking her new boobs that night in fact. Tessa would soon not think it so sick once her new desires kicked in, but for now she was just too shocked by the change to realize she was now into multiple dudes, cocks, and hot cum. She really did get what she wished for, a big change!


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