Lil’ Sluts

“Dude, what’d you put’in my drink?” Ben slurred.
“Just a lil’ something to get the party started.” Kevin replied, loud enough to drown out the party around them.
“What like molly? X?” Ben asked, looking around to see if they’d been noticed by anyone there, they hadn’t. They were kind of losers.
“Nah. Something we’ve never done before. You should start to feel it’s effects soon enough.” Kevin explained.
“What will I feel?”
“A pleasant warming feeling spreading throughout your body accompanied by a gentle tingle. You’ll get really horny and then you’ll start to notice the changes.” Kevin gave a knowing smirk.
“Changes?” Ben asked, his concern drowned out by drunkenness, he was less worried, and more unsure as to whether he heard his friend correctly or not.
“Yes, first and most noticeably will your hair.” Kevin said.
“My hair?” Ben asked. “Am I gonna lose my hair? What is this chemo?”
“No, no, no. It’s not chemo.” Kevin reassured his friend. “But you will lose your hair, but just on your body, not on your head. In fact, on your head quite the opposite will happen.”
“Opposite?” Ben pulled a confused face. “What so I’ll get more hair?”
“In a manner of speaking.” Kevin smiled, his gaze shifting from his friend’s face to just slightly north as he watched his hair grow long and shiny.
“Why are you looking at me like…” With that Ben raised his hand to his scalp and got a fistful of what was once a crew cut, but was now long feminine hair.
“Next of course will be your skin. Growing smooth and toned. Not an imperfection to be found.” Kevin went on. “Look, you’re acne’s already clearing up.”
“What is this?” Ben asked, growing ill from the shock. He rushed to the bathroom, stumbling as his center of balance shifted gradually as he shrunk. This of course was lost on him because he thought he was just drunk. Kevin followed his friend, basking in his own feminization, stroking his now soft, hairless arms and getting oh so aroused. Ben arrived at the bathroom mirror and was appalled at what he saw, but he couldn’t help touching himself through his pants, which now were much looser fitting than he remembered.
“Next you’ll start to see the skeletal changes. You’ve already shrunk considerably. I’m shrinking too, but you hips will then widen and your shoulders will narrow. All of your digits and limbs will become slighter and your face will follow suit.” Kevin narrated.
“Mmm…” Ben moaned. He watched in horrified ecstasy as his whole body shifted into that of a sexy young girl. His shoulders crushing in and hips widening. But by far the most unnerving, and confusingly arousing was watching his face shift. His cheekbones raising, his brow retreating, his eyebrows thinning, his nose and chin shrinking and his eyes growing.
“Next of course will be the more cosmetic changes. Fat redistribution and beautification. A thin lipid layer will be spread across you skin giving it a tight smoothness, your hips and ass will fatten up as well as your breasts and your cheeks will become shapely and cute and your lips. Well, that’s my favorite part. Your lips will pout up and out into an adorable, kissable mouth. Perfect for the night we have ahead of us.” And like everything else, As Kevin explained, so it then was. And soon Ben’s face was that of a sexy teenage girl, with the body and perky tits and ass to match.
“Kevin… Mmmm… Why does it feel so good.” Ben moaned in a voice that was not his own. Grasping at his rigid cock and stroking furiously, not caring that his equally feminized friend was staring at him doing the same thing. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna… OooohOOHHH!” And he had the most violent orgasm of his life, shooting out ribbons of cum all over Kevin’s face, clothes, and cock. And as soon as Ben’s cum hit him, Kevin returned the favor cumming all over Ben, more intentionally of course and with better aim.
“Oh god. It should be so gross, but I want it. Mmmm. And Beatrix licked it up. As soon as the cum touched her pouty lips the were stained a gorgeous bright red. She came again, all over her friend who now stood beneath her cock mouth wide ready to accept it. Katrina also had her lips stained ruby red as she lapped up friends cum hungrily. The Kat pounced on Bea and began sucking her cock, feeling it shrink in her mouth as Beatrix came her manhood away one moan at a time. Soon, Kat was lapping at Bea’s new pussy and stroking her own. The two of them fully made up in permanent makeup, written into the DNA dictating the color of their skin. The two newly born sluts lapped up all the remaining cum from each other’s faces, mouth and bodies and then realized their male clothes were still on and covered in cum.
“Like, what now Kat? We can’t like go out their dressed like this. They’ll like totally think we’re gross.”
“It’s all good doll. I brought us a change. And Kat pulled out two tiny tops from her bag. A white one for her and black one for Bea. The made out furiously as they got dressed and then emerged from the bathroom ready to party. And as soon as they came out then saw the looks they were getting from the boys in the room, even the girls. They shot the sexiest, dumbest looks back at them as they knew what kind of night they were in for.


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