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Younger Sister

It was exactly 3 months ago, when for no reason at all, I woke up in Emily, my younger sister’s body. It was scary at first, specially since my formerself acted like nothing had happened. I pretended to be her while I figured out what had happened, It was weird being 18 and going to college again. I hated how guys kept looking at me. My sister is good looking at all, but I never expected to have so many guys oogling me. Read more

What are friends for?

<<*Anf!* *Pant!* Thank you Luchas! Thank you so much! I’m so sorry you have to do this! I hope you’ll forgive me!>>
“*Sigh* How long is he going to keep on apologizing? He has been a broken record for the past few hours. Why have I even accepted this deal?”
<<Please try to understand! *Anf!* *Anf!* I was broken hearted when Carly left me. How could she do that after all the years spent together? *Pant!* I can’t just get over her! I need her in my life! Even if just for brief moments like this! *Pant!*>>.
“I guess this is still better than him going on weeping over her. When I said I would do anything to help him get over his fiancée this wasn’t what I had in mind. But if this makes him happy I guess I should not complain. What are friend for after all?”
<<*Anf!* God this is amazing! It’s just like I’m still with her!>>
“Is he going to shut up already?! This is unsettling enough as it is even without him babbling nonsense! That’s it! I’ll let him finish and then I’ll go home and we will never talk about this again!”
<<*Pant!* *Anf!*>>.
“Well… I guess if he ever feels that depressed again I should probably help him… I am his best friend after all. And I have to admit that despite the strangeness of this situation getting fucked feels rather good…”
<<Yes! I’m almost there!>>
<<W… Wait! Hold on! *Anf!* Do not stop just yet Jake! *Pant!* Keep going!>>
<<T… Thank you Luchas! You’re the best friend one could ask for!>>.
<<*Pant!* Call me… *Anf!* Call me Carly!>>.

Breathing in the Newfound View

The chilly dawn air streamed into the back of the VW van, and I reflectively burrowed my bare chest in the comforter. I didn’t mind though. In front of me lay perhaps one of the most entrancing views of creation, Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite Valley. ‘To think I could be in some war zone not knowing if today would be my last,’ I reflected, ‘Yet here I am road tripping across the country; discovering me, discovering the love of my life.’ Read more

Chance encounter

It was a pretty normal day for Wrynn as he was walking home from a long night catching Pokemon on his phone when what looked like a blue man and a little ball of light went rushing by. He heard a women yelling seemingly from nowhere and suddenly there was a flash. Wrynn felt suddenly very top heavy as he nearly fell over from his new distribution of weight. Looking down he saw that he now had long hair attempting to cover his now nearly naked form as his clothes were being stretched to the limits. He immediately started sprinting home as best he, as he was nearing home he saw one of his best friends named James and nearly threw himself into his arms.
Wrynn began to weep into his best friends arms as James was suddenly freaked out about this random hot women suddenly bursting into tears going on about how she used to be his friend. James had now idea who this Wrynn guy was but he sure as hell was not going to let this distraught women out of his grasps. Offering to walk her to his home she agreed and all he could think was how lucky he was for this moment. Wrynn being convinced that she was going to be alright walked home with her best friend who felt almost like a stranger all the sudden.
As they entered James’s house she noticed that it was not at all like the house she knew he had. This house was clean and well kept as well as organized. James was a gamer and was known in there circle of friends for living in the dirtiest house imaginable. Sitting on the couch they would discover that they had never met in this new reality and a theory arose that either the blue man or the ball of light had changed reality to fit her new persona.
After hours of them talking the ended up watching Netflix and leaning in on each other. It was almost like they were soulmates and had always been soulmates. It took less then 2 hours of talking before they were in James’s bed experiencing a whole new world of pleasure. With each motion and each beat of the music they listened to they seemed to end in perfect synchronization of each other. Falling limp into her new lovers hand Wrynn decided that it may not have been as horrible a day as she had thought. Hoping that this was not a dream they fell asleep, the new couple as happy as could be.


Oh my god! I couldn’t believe how different he looked. He was my best friend I knew him for all my life. But now, oh my god! He was so attractive. That bitch must have done something with my head also. Read more

Lil’ Sluts

“Dude, what’d you put’in my drink?” Ben slurred.
“Just a lil’ something to get the party started.” Kevin replied, loud enough to drown out the party around them.
“What like molly? X?” Ben asked, looking around to see if they’d been noticed by anyone there, they hadn’t. They were kind of losers.
“Nah. Something we’ve never done before. You should start to feel it’s effects soon enough.” Kevin explained.
“What will I feel?”
“A pleasant warming feeling spreading throughout your body accompanied by a gentle tingle. You’ll get really horny and then you’ll start to notice the changes.” Kevin gave a knowing smirk.
“Changes?” Ben asked, his concern drowned out by drunkenness, he was less worried, and more unsure as to whether he heard his friend correctly or not.
“Yes, first and most noticeably will your hair.” Kevin said.
“My hair?” Ben asked. “Am I gonna lose my hair? What is this chemo?”
“No, no, no. It’s not chemo.” Kevin reassured his friend. “But you will lose your hair, but just on your body, not on your head. In fact, on your head quite the opposite will happen.”
“Opposite?” Ben pulled a confused face. “What so I’ll get more hair?”
“In a manner of speaking.” Kevin smiled, his gaze shifting from his friend’s face to just slightly north as he watched his hair grow long and shiny.
“Why are you looking at me like…” With that Ben raised his hand to his scalp and got a fistful of what was once a crew cut, but was now long feminine hair.
“Next of course will be your skin. Growing smooth and toned. Not an imperfection to be found.” Kevin went on. “Look, you’re acne’s already clearing up.”
“What is this?” Ben asked, growing ill from the shock. He rushed to the bathroom, stumbling as his center of balance shifted gradually as he shrunk. This of course was lost on him because he thought he was just drunk. Kevin followed his friend, basking in his own feminization, stroking his now soft, hairless arms and getting oh so aroused. Ben arrived at the bathroom mirror and was appalled at what he saw, but he couldn’t help touching himself through his pants, which now were much looser fitting than he remembered.
“Next you’ll start to see the skeletal changes. You’ve already shrunk considerably. I’m shrinking too, but you hips will then widen and your shoulders will narrow. All of your digits and limbs will become slighter and your face will follow suit.” Kevin narrated.
“Mmm…” Ben moaned. He watched in horrified ecstasy as his whole body shifted into that of a sexy young girl. His shoulders crushing in and hips widening. But by far the most unnerving, and confusingly arousing was watching his face shift. His cheekbones raising, his brow retreating, his eyebrows thinning, his nose and chin shrinking and his eyes growing.
“Next of course will be the more cosmetic changes. Fat redistribution and beautification. A thin lipid layer will be spread across you skin giving it a tight smoothness, your hips and ass will fatten up as well as your breasts and your cheeks will become shapely and cute and your lips. Well, that’s my favorite part. Your lips will pout up and out into an adorable, kissable mouth. Perfect for the night we have ahead of us.” And like everything else, As Kevin explained, so it then was. And soon Ben’s face was that of a sexy teenage girl, with the body and perky tits and ass to match.
“Kevin… Mmmm… Why does it feel so good.” Ben moaned in a voice that was not his own. Grasping at his rigid cock and stroking furiously, not caring that his equally feminized friend was staring at him doing the same thing. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna… OooohOOHHH!” And he had the most violent orgasm of his life, shooting out ribbons of cum all over Kevin’s face, clothes, and cock. And as soon as Ben’s cum hit him, Kevin returned the favor cumming all over Ben, more intentionally of course and with better aim.
“Oh god. It should be so gross, but I want it. Mmmm. And Beatrix licked it up. As soon as the cum touched her pouty lips the were stained a gorgeous bright red. She came again, all over her friend who now stood beneath her cock mouth wide ready to accept it. Katrina also had her lips stained ruby red as she lapped up friends cum hungrily. The Kat pounced on Bea and began sucking her cock, feeling it shrink in her mouth as Beatrix came her manhood away one moan at a time. Soon, Kat was lapping at Bea’s new pussy and stroking her own. The two of them fully made up in permanent makeup, written into the DNA dictating the color of their skin. The two newly born sluts lapped up all the remaining cum from each other’s faces, mouth and bodies and then realized their male clothes were still on and covered in cum.
“Like, what now Kat? We can’t like go out their dressed like this. They’ll like totally think we’re gross.”
“It’s all good doll. I brought us a change. And Kat pulled out two tiny tops from her bag. A white one for her and black one for Bea. The made out furiously as they got dressed and then emerged from the bathroom ready to party. And as soon as they came out then saw the looks they were getting from the boys in the room, even the girls. They shot the sexiest, dumbest looks back at them as they knew what kind of night they were in for.

Popular by association

I was a geek at school. The worst stereotype you could imagine, broken glasses taped in the middle, calculator in my shirt pocket, braces, anything you can use to describe a geek, that was me. Of course I sucked with the ladies, and I wasn’t good at making friends. I had one friend though, James. He was great at sports, all the girls wanted to date him. He was a womanizer, he would dump every girl right after sex; but still, I don’t know how he managed to do it, but all the girls wanted to sleep with him. Up until today, I had never asked him what was his secret. But I really liked Kat, a girl at school, and I was invisible to her. “Please James! tell me how you do it!?” I asked him, to which he replied, that he couldn’t tell me, but he could make me popular, and that way Kat would pay attention to me. Read more

Magic Cock

I was an older virgin, never able to pick up the ladies like my friend Jacob who seemed to have a new girl every week. When i asked him his secret and he told me i didn’t believe him. A magic cock that turns desperate male virgins into women, it sounded so stupid, but curiosity got the better of me. After changing I’ll never doubt him again! I also have a feeling i won’t be a virgin for much longer. Also, “Jacobs cock is huge!”

The Girl Next Door

Holly and I grew up together. Our families were the only ones on the block with kids so we played and became best friends even though I was three years older. As she grew up though she became quite pretty. She was comfortable around me so she never thought much about what she was wearing or how little. Holly was my best friend though so I tried to be respectful even if my glance went her way.
I started investing when I was 16 and was good at trading stocks, enough to pay for college and buy my parents home so they could retire early and go enjoy their later years. So I was able to work from home still and Holly would come over and do homework or just hang out and watch TV and play games. She was at home watching sports with my other friends and fit in with our group, though all agreed she had become a real looker.
She was over one Saturday afternoon like usual. I was in sweats with no shirt and she had kicked off her sweat pants and just had her panties and a zip up hoodie on while we watched a Premier League game. When she started talking about applying to colleges I decided to tell her how I really felt. I told her I was in love with her. She said that she loved me too, but sadly I just wasn’t her type. I said I was willing to change. I could work out more or grow a beard. Whatever she wanted. She indicated that there was a chance and went home. I grabbed a beer and was a bit dazed. It didn’t go as bad as it could but it didn’t go well. Before I really got to think about it she came back in with a weird contraption. She claimed it was something her dad, an amateur inventor, was working on.
She played with some dials then pushed a button and it zapped me with some light. My sweats became thigh high stockings and my boxers little black panties. I thought them both a bit tight and rolled my right stocking down while she twisted more dials and fired again. Now they felt comfortable but the world looked a bit bigger. I saw the bright red on my nails when looking at my hand. I looked in the mirror and she had made me a girl and I was a couple of years younger than her now. If this is the body she wanted to be with that was fine by me. I would totally fuck me. I preened a bit in front of the mirror and then Holly apologized. I said that there was no reason to, I liked this new body. Then she said it wasn’t for that and the device bathed me in light one more time. That’s when she put the device down and came up behind me. She reached her hands across my belly and began fingering my pussy. It felt amazing. I had my hand on her thigh and normally would have roamed everywhere but my Mistress hadn’t given me permission to do that. She told me that the mental changes were the last addition. I still knew everything I did before, but she liked being in control of her lovers so I had to become submissive to her. Mistress fondles my clit and whispers that now we can be together forever. Sometimes I please her but mostly she likes making me writhe in ecstasy. Mistress Holly is so generous. I still trade stocks and make us rich when she is out. When she is home I’m her own immortal goddess ready for her touch. She used the machine to stop aging then smashed it so her dad couldn’t undo the creation of her perfect plaything. She is very proud of me and even invites my old friends over so they can watch as she brings me to an orchestra of orgasms.