Careful What You Wish For!

Harry thought his aunt Vanessa had it good, as a rich trophy wife. One day he said he wished he had it that good, and a genie appeared.

“So you wish it, Master,” said the genie who appeared from his pop bottle of all places.

“Um yeah, sure,” he said confused.

Suddenly Harry was in his aunts body facing his uncle’s naked well hung body, as they were about to have sexy. Harry was overwhelmed with the boobs, pussy, hair, and all that heavy makeup, plus the red dress, stockings, and strong perfume! His new pussy felt aroused, and so was he, for his own uncle! He looked at his body, half revealed, as a hand was near his new vagina. He knew his was his own aunt Vanessa!

“Oh my gosh, what the? How did this happen,” asked the stunned Harry now Vanessa.

A whisper in he earing clad right ear was heard, “Master you got your wish, now you have it as good as your aunt, YOU ARE YOUR AUNT. Goodbye, Master, or well Mistress now. I only grant one wish for a person.”

The voice was gone, and Harry realized so was his manhood, as he went from 18 year old punk, to 42 year old mature sexy woman!


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