Life turned upside down

Nick was on his way home from his tiring work when he found a medalion on the street. Somehow he thought it looks nice so he took it and slipped it over his head. Few steps later he instantly changed into a teenage girl, even his clothes matched his body, instead of his t-shirt and jeans he was now dressed in a sleeveless blouse and a loose short skirt. Terrified of what had just happened he ran home.

When he got home he discovered that the world around him had changed as well. His young wife was now older, around her late 30’s. There was also a man who looked like an older wersion of his male body and a little boy, probalby 7 year’s old. It appeared to, that everything is normal and he was always a girl named Nicole. He had his own room which looked like it belonged to a teen girl, considering the colours of the wall, cute plush teddy bears, pictures of herself with her friends and the wardrobe filled with girly clothes.

Nick tried to get back to his old world, he knew it’s the medalion’s fault so he tried to remove it and put it back countless times, but no matter what, he was still a girl. After two weeks of struggle, Nick finally gave up on trying to change back and focused on getting familiar with his new life as Nicole


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