Guy Drainer

Mike was roaming the streets in his neighborhood. Not really a rough place but the place was unpolished to say the least. You could see the shady business take place if you just opened your eyes a little bit more.
Having only a part-time job he often had time to kill.
When passing past a tinted store window something caught his eye, a small sign at the corner invited customers inside to try the `Guy Drainer´, first time was free.
Guy Drainer, huh? Must be a sex toy. Being bored and felt that the machine should at least give some variaton instead of masturbation he headed inside.

It was dimly lit inside and behind a desk a well-shaven guy greeted him. “Welcome. Before you ask: yes, we are discrete. No one will know you were here”.
Figuring that the guy probably had answered that question a dozen times before he moved on to what would have been his second question: “Uhm, what´s a Guy Drainer and is it clean?”
“The Guy Drainer looks like and small upside-down turned horse saddle. You straddle it and place your member in the hole. You flip on the switch and it starts to drain you. And yes, it is clean. We fix it up after each customer and just before the next one sits down”, Shaved guy answered as if reading from a script.
“The sign said that the first time is free?”
“It is. Now, come right this way to the changing stall to undress”, Shaved Guy showed him the way further inside the establishment.

Standing there with nothing more than a towel around his hips Mike examined the so called `Guy Drainer´. It was leathery black, and really looked like an small saddle turned upside-down, put onto a metallic box. The mechanism must be inside of that box, he thought. He inserted his finger into the hole, strangely enough it felt like a real pussy. It was even warm.
Before sitting down onto the machine Mike worked up an erection. When satisfied he straddled the ´saddle´ and inserted his cock into the hole.
The red button in front of him lit up as if the machine was ready. He used his palm to push it down.

Immediately the machine sprang into action. It started to vibrate at his perineum and the hole began to contract and expand around his dick at the same time something moved back and forth along the lenght of his shaft.
He could get used to this.
A tingle sped up his spine and he moaned.

Five minutes in the ministrations of the machine it shifted up to the next gear. Mike started to concentrate entirely on the pleasure.

With his mind in a sexual fog Mike didn´t notice the changes.
The machine had earned its name not by its ability to extract semen from guys, but from extracting their masculinity from their bodies.
All over Mike the changes slowly turned him from a somewhat fit guy into a smaller woman. The dick stayed the same though to facilitate the changes.
Breasts, bum and hips grew to bigger proportions whilst his sides caved in and gave him a feminine contour.
Mike was still lost in his bliss.

The machine was almost done with Mike now. In the seat no there was a small, raven haired asian girl instead of the big ,white caucasian male that sat down in the beginning.
It was time for the dick to go.
Like an boa constrictor the hole got smaller and smaller until the cock was caught in a death grip. It continued to strangle the dick up until it released from Mike´s body with an *POP*.
His groin area was completely flat now, not even a pussy. Only skin. The next step would rectify this.
A dildo exited the hole and began to burrow itself into the groin area. Soon enough a pussy started to form.
Working it vigoursly the dildo started to go deeper and deeper.

Mike started to moan again, but this time in a softer soprano.
The pace of the dildo was steadily increasing and so did her pleasure.
The boiling point moved closer and closer, then beyond.
Mike was hit by an giant orgasm that wracked her whole body, her hips bucking wildly, and her limbs shaking. She let out an almighty moan and then she collapsed by exhaustion.


“Yo, Frank! Our `customer´ has done changing and he turned out pretty good.

“Lemme see”, the Shaved Guy said.
“Nice! I made a deal Kato in San Fransisco that we would send him an asian girl if we got one. Seems like I can cash in on that promise now. We´ll send her off tomorrow after we´re completed her conditioning”.


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