While I was driving

I had just bought a drink from a store at the mall. The store selled antiques, but for some reason, I felt really thirsty when I passed by, and the owner sold me the drink for 1 dollar. It tasted kind of sour, but I didn’t give it much thought.

After I left the mall, and was driving home, I started to feel weird. My body felt kind of spongy. I looked down, and my pants were just falling appart too. I couldn’t just stop the car, so I continued driving. I looked down again, and my pants were completely gone. They looked more like shorts, and my legs were smooth. That’s when I noticed my arms were smooth too. I felt hair on my shoulders. Further inspecting, I realized my chest wasn’t flat anymore, it looked like I had breasts, and my shirt looked more like a top. This kept getting weirder and weirder.

I felt empty down there, so I reached my equipment with my right hand. But it was gone, and it its place a slit. I just had to look down again, but I couldn’t see anything. The touch of my finger felt great, I just continued fingering myself as I drove. “I have to go back and look for a solution, I don’t want to be a woman!” I said outloud. I then felt something on my face, “am I wearing make up?” I looked at myself in the rearview mirror. And I sure was a woman, and a really hot one. “what was I saying? oh yes! time to go to my boyfriend’s home. I want him inside me” I said as my new personality kicked in.


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