Eric and Jimmy were very good brothers. Eric was older but since the age gap between them was only one year they were very close. They shared the same hobbies and interests, the same taste and the same secret dream. They both wished to be born as girls.
One evening before christmas they decided to write a letter. Eric was 16 and Jimmy 15 so they didn’t belive in santa anymore but christmas was the time when wishes came true. Jimmy took the pen and started to write as Eric dictated.

“Dear Santa, christmas spirit or whoever is up there.

Me and my brother were always kind people. We always helped people in need and never bullied anyone. We don’t need expensive gifts, we just wish to be girls, living happily with our mom and dad.


Eric and Jimmy.

They put the letter in the mailbox althought they didn’t expect anything to happen.

“Eric wake up” Eric felt someone shaking him. Still half asleep he opened his eyes and saw a girl bending over him. “It worked! It really worked” The girl said and turned around showing off her body and nightgown she was wearing. Eric got up and felt something jiggle on his chest. He looked down and noticed he is wearing a similar nightgown. He immidiately jumped out of the bed and rushed to the mirror where he saw a reflection of a beautifull girl. “It really worked” Eric whispered as tears of joy formed in his eyes.
Eric and Jimmy quickly searched through their room. They noticed everything changed even their clothes. They dressed up and went downstairs. They looked at the family photos. On every one of them Eric and Jimmy were girls. it looked like reality around them changed with their bodies. They were now Erica and Jenny.
“I see you girls can’t wait for the presents” Their mom came into the living room. Erica and Jenny smiled “We already got the best presents” They said and hugged eachother. “Aww, you girls are such wonderfull sisters. Let me take a photo” She said and took the camera. Erica (on the left) and Jenny (on the right) smiled. They were so happy that their wish came true.


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