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From Humbug to Whore-Whore-Whore

I had been having a very bad holiday. My wife had just left me, taking my children with her.
“Fuck her,” I thought, and went out drinking. I had shot after shot, until the bartender cut me off. Not for being a drunk, but simply for being broke. He kicked me out and told me not to come back.
When I returned to my apartment, it was trashed, and the landlord kicked me out.
I had nothing, and went shivering out into the cold.
That’s when I met a bell-ringing Santa.
“I can help you out,” he said.
“Yeah, buddy,” I told him, “what do you want me to do? Suck your dick?”
“Listen, I’m a holiday genie. I can help you out. You just have to wish for something.”
I laughed.
“Well then, everything’s gone to shit, I don’t even feel the Christmas spirit. I’d love to feel it.”
“That is arranged,” the Santa said, and then disappeared. Read more


Eric and Jimmy were very good brothers. Eric was older but since the age gap between them was only one year they were very close. They shared the same hobbies and interests, the same taste and the same secret dream. They both wished to be born as girls.
One evening before christmas they decided to write a letter. Eric was 16 and Jimmy 15 so they didn’t belive in santa anymore but christmas was the time when wishes came true. Jimmy took the pen and started to write as Eric dictated. Read more


Mark spent his Christmas Eve alone and desperately wanted some company. (Santa Clause, I wish for a lady in red all gift-wrapped for me, he thought.) Santa heard him. Read more