James thought he lucked out at the body swap clinic while he was sunbathing completely nude in his backyard. It has been one week since the swap and he was now sure that this permanent swap worked him a favor. He thought he would miss his male body and male strength but He loved his average size boobs on his petite body. He hasn’t been bored of looking between his legs to see the gap punctuated by a slit instead of his manhood. He also loved his slim feminine legs. Sure, he isn’t even half as strong as before but he felt divine possessing this genetic female body which was born female. He felt blessed to have the venus mound. It’s a proof of his new womanhood.

He’s been living life to the full in the past week adorning his body with gowns, little black dresses, bodysuits and swimsuits. There is nothing stopping him from wearing any feminine clothing anymore because he’s nothing other than just a girl in the eyes of the world now and he’s very grateful for it.


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