Karen, the Fighter

(Part 22, #Olivia)

I could still taste his warm semen in the back of my throat.

“Give the book back to you? Why on Earth would I ever do that? What’s a pretty girl like you need it for, anyway?” He laughed, still kind of panting from the hot blowjob I had just given him.

I had to do something. He was a big man, much bigger than my current dainty body. But then I started thinking…

Why am I so good at giving head? I mean, I’m like, REALLY good. But, I’m actually a guy, and I don’t think I can actually recall any other times I’ve given a guy a blowjob, even though I somehow instinctively know how to do it. Maybe… maybe he’s done this to me using the book. If that’s the case, I really need to get it back before he does something else to me without me realizing.

But I’m not actually attracted to him, I reminded myself. So he hasn’t done anything like that to me yet. I’m still me. I’m just a version of me that enjoys sucking cock.

That’s okay. He wants a cocksucker? I’ll show him a cocksucker.

I lifted my finger to my lips, biting it a little, and shifted my weight on my hips, posing seductively for him. “Aw, that’s too bad. And I was going to show you a spell that would make your dick even better. Even more… manly.” I had to bluff my way out of this.

He looked intrigued suddenly. “…go on.”

I felt like this was my window. If he won’t respond to threats, maybe he’ll respond to old fashioned seduction. I gracefully tiptoed towards him, careful to maintain eye contact. I removed my top, revealing my bra to him.

“I just realized,” I started, as I put my hands on his chest tenderly, “how much of a hunk of a man you are. I just thought that,” I gave him the puppy eyes, “maybe if your dick was a little bigger, I might be swayed to let you fuck me.”

I ran my hand down his chest and started giving his firm dick a massage. His eyes widened excitedly, and grabbed my ass. He was taking the bait.

“Okay, missy, do it. Make my dick bigger.” He smirked at me. “But no funny business, or I’ll make you a real whore.”

I smiled pleasantly at him. “It only works when you’re reeeeeally aroused… allow me to work my… ‘magic.’” That last line was cornier than it needed to be, but I got back on my knees, still massaging his already pretty massive dick. I really needed a stellar performance for this to work.

I took his dick into my mouth and starting to blow him again. He was stunned at first, which was exactly what I needed. I focused intently on all of his pleasure centers: the shaft, his balls, his juicy tip. He was moaning, and partially speechless. And just when he was about to cum, I’d stop juuuuust enough to keep him on that edge. Then I was back to work. He was caught up in the pleasure ride so much.

Then, I sensed he was about to cum. It felt like an oncoming train. As he nearly yelled in pleasure, I acted quickly.

I grabbed his legs and pulled as hard as I could. He was orgasming so hard he hardly had an opportunity to react, and he fell backwards onto the floor, hard. As his orgasm was at its peak, and he was howling from the pain of hitting his head, I quickly yanked a bed sheet from the bed and jumped to tie his hands together.

I sat on him, and pulled a pink sock off my foot and shoved it into his mouth, then quickly grabbed a t-shirt from the floor and tied it around his head to create a makeshift gag to make sure he wouldn’t spit the sock out.

As he slowly began to come to, I had already managed to take two scarves from the laundry pile next to me and tie his legs together. I secured his hands tighter with cord I tore from his blinds to the bed legs to make sure he’d stay there. I stood over him, and decided I’d rather cover his face with a tshirt so I wouldn’t have to look at him.

Just then, I heard pounding at his apartment door. What now!?

The pounding continued briefly, but then the door opened once Olivia realized that the door was open the whole time. She came running into the room, yelling “I’ll save you, Karen!”

She stopped quickly once she saw me, a disheveled mess with cum on her chin, and a very crudely tied man mumbling through a sock in his mouth on the floor. She looked shocked.

“Hi, Olivia.” I said, still recovering from the event. “I’ve had an exciting day.”


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