Going through the process

If a few months ago you had asked me, I never would have guessed what I would be doing for the rest of my life. Not too long ago I was a man, visiting a foreign country. I was abducted, and experimented on. The whole thing was painful, it was the worst week I ever had. But when it was over, I had been turned into a woman. I hadn’t seen my reflection, but I could tell I had long red hair, great medium sized boobs, and a very sensitive pussy. I was still locked in some kind of cell. I yelled for help, but no one answered.

My only companion was a small pink dildo. I bet my captors expected me to use it, to shove right inside my new pussy. But I resisted. I resisted for days. I must have been the hunger, of maybe the lack of water, I don’t know, I decided to shove the dildo inside of me. “Maybe it is the only way out” I thought. In a way I was right. I immidiately accepted my new self. It felt like my mind had suffered a short circuit. I was moaning and smiling while I pushed the dildo in and out. My captors openned the door, “she’s ready, she has finally been broken” one of them said.

I was immidiately hired by them. And although they weren’t speaking english I was able to understand them. I was taken to a restaurant, where I was to work in the kitchen. I was allowed to sleep with any client I wanted. Which was great, a girl like me enjoys daily sex. I love revealing my perky breasts to hot clients.

But whenever my bosses tell me too, I have to abduct a client, and make him go through the same process I went. Being on this side just makes the whole thing arousing. I love seeing men transform into women. It really turns me on when they finally give in into their new female form. Since that day I have been the one who explains everything to our new recruits, guiding them through the whole process. I even give them their new names. So, are you ready to work for us Kat?


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