She must have knew

She must have did it on purpose, why else would she leave her underwear in my room. Since i remember i always wanted to be a girl, especially a grown up woman. Now i’m 14 years old and i still have this kind of fantasies, that’s why i often sneak into my mother’s room and dress up in her clothes. It’s the least i can do since there is no way i can become a real woman so i have to pretend. But this time something was odd. I came into my room and found my mother’s panties and a bra. I recognized them since i have worn them a few days back. The house was empty so i decided to put them on, then it started. My body was twisting and morphing until i became an exact copy of my mother. When everything was done i couldn’t stop looking at my reflection. I have always admired how beautiful my mother was, if i was born a girl i would have wish to look like her. Now my wish was granted and i couldn’t pass this occasion. I ran into her bedroom and opened the drawer. “This red one looks nice” I said and decided to try on her red bra. What should i try next? Thong? Or maybe the black cocktail dress i saw in her closet. The possibilities are endless and i finally have a body to fit all of these wonderful outfits. I just hope this is permament.


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