Incredible device (part 6 Finale)

Kyle woke up not in a good mood. The recent events made him think alot about his actions. He didn’t even touch the remote after the last mishap it caused. “I should get rid of it” he tough and went for breakfast. “Morning Kyle” His sister Abbey greated him with a big smile, Kyle still didn’t got used to this. He sat down at the table and reluctantly ate his ceral. He tough about the people he changed, convincing himself they have it better now. His brother David now as his sister Abbey was so cheerful, his neighbor Tim, whose name was Kim, was about to get married, Mr. Novak, now known as Mrs. Holden had a family, and whoever transformed into Stacey, Mark or Colin was in good hands of her loving parents who supported their daughter. The only thing he didn’t regret was turning Chad into a shy girl. Sometimes he saw her with her friends and Kyle was sure it was better for him.

Today Kyle made his decision. He put on his shoes and left his house, he walked ahead until he got to the park where he went down the path until he reached the pond. He looked at the remote one last time and taking a big swing he threw the remote at the middle of the pond. Kyle watched as it sinks relived from the burden.

Kyle knew it won’t reverse his actions but he feelt better knowing no one else will be changed. Just when he was about to leave the park Kyle heard the cursed sound of the remote. His blood froze in fear when he realized he can’t move, then everything became dark. Kyle roused himself on the ground, His body felt odd but yet familiar. “Hey miss! are you alright” A man ran up to him. Kyle looked at the stranger “He’s so handsome, i could…No! wait, don’t!” Kyle tried to to fight the new personality and memories filling his brain. He stood up and stared at the man, hypnotized by his blue eyes. “Is everything alright Ms…” “Rachel. You can call me Rachel” She said as the last bit of Kyle’s personality faded away. “My name is Carl” The man introduced himself. “You know i feel a little weak, but a good coffe would make me feel better” Rachel gave him a signal she’s free and willing. “Then it’s your lucky day because i know a place for us” Carl said and showed her the way. They both left the park happy and eager to know themselves better.


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