Just this side of Reality

I was working late in the lab one night. I had been working on an inter-dimensional travel machine and was sure I was close to cracking the code to make it work. Suddenly a power surge shot through the building and I was hit with millions of volts of electricity. The machine had been activated and I felt like Jeff Bridges in TRON. My body was being torn apart at a microscopic level.

I was sure I was dead, the pain I felt was unreal. Everything swirled around me and I saw flashes of what I could only guess were other dimensions. When everything stopped I was very dizzy and everything was very out of focus. I tried to clear my head but everything I looked at seemed to look like a cartoon. The room and everything in it seemed like it was drawn and not real. Even my own body was a cartoon, also I was now female, mostly. I was naked and had boobs but also a cock. There was also another woman on top of me.

I had no time to comprehend all this as I was lying on a bed and there was a redhead over me and she had a hand on my cock slowly stroking me. There wasn’t much I could do at the moment but give in to the pleasure she was giving me. I moaned and panted as she continued her hand job. I looked at her closely now and she was indeed a cartoon. She was very sexy, for a cartoon. I tried to speak but she quickly brought a finger up to my lips and said “shhhhh”. I stammered “but” she just said “shhhh” again “there will be time for your butt later my love”. She lowered her head between my legs and slid my cock into her mouth. OOOOOOOO that felt good. One hand was still stroking me as the other hand came up and started massaging one of my boobs. OH MY GOD this is unreal. Her tongue was doing things I didn’t know were possible to my cock. She was a cartoon after all. I thought I was in Heaven and nothing could be better when suddenly she took her hand off my cock and put it below and started inserting her fingers. I thought at first she was playing with my asshole but that wasn’t it. Her fingers easily slid into this new orifice. Were the hell were those fingers? As she continued I was brought to the first of many, many mind blowing orgasms. I shuddered and shook and closed my eyes. My cock was still hard so I hadn’t come. Where did that orgasm come from? Oh god, is it possible I have a pussy too. As her hand continued to do things I thought not possible to my moist slit I was convinced that this body had both sex organs. The pleasure I felt was indescribable. Truly not possible in our own dimension. I felt my cock release now and she kept her mouth tightly around my shaft and took everything I had. She then release it and with her fingers still in my pussy she moved up to face me and kissed me. It was tender and loving then it turned aggressive as her tongue forced it’s way into my mouth. Along with her tongue came something else, my cum. My full load was running down her tongue into my mouth and I had no choice but to take it and swallow before I chocked. It was my first time eating cum, even my own, but it wouldn’t be my last. Finally my body shook again with another mind shattering orgasm and she finally removed her fingers from my sopping wet pussy. She brought those to my mouth as well and I licked them clean. She kissed me and got up off the bed. I was exhausted and completely satisfied and very tired.

“No time to sleep now lover” she said seductively. I got up, very slowly, and almost fell right over. The new center of gravity of my body combined with this dimensions gravity, which was quite a bit lighter than Earth, made me dizzy again. I sat on the side of the bed and tried to get some orientation. The redhead came back into the room and was already dressed and ready to go. She looked at me “Hey, you okay? You don’t look so well.” I tried to say something but all that came out was gibberish although in a pleasant woman’s voice. She came closer and looked at me closely. She looked deep in to my eyes. I thought she would stare though my skull. Her hand moved to my neck and slowly searched under my hair for something. I felt her finger enter my skin, that’s what it felt like, and push a button or something. She said “there, that should help” and suddenly I felt much better. I spoke and this time it came out as actual words. “Hello” “Hello to you too sweaty” she said while giving me an inquisitive grin. “So where are you from?” she said matter of factually. I cleared my throat and said “Earth”. She looked a bit surprised and laughed” I know Earth silly, what dimension?” I didn’t know what to say and it showed on my face. “I’m Ellen by the way and that luscious body you are in is Jackie”. All I could say was “okay”. “What’s your name? You know, who were you before?” I still couldn’t get over where this conversation had gone and just told her “Bill”. She extended her hand and said “Nice to meet you, Bill.” “That a very odd name. I don’t think I’ve met anyone with that name before.” she said quizzically. “It’s not very pretty. Are many fems in your dimensions called Bill?” I stuttered, “fems?” “Yeah, fems, that’s what we are”. “Well you’re a fem+ right now but it’s the same, mostly.” The confused look on my face must of obvious because she said “Oh, you don’t understand what that means do you?” “No, not really” I said still looking very confused. “What do you call yourselves where you come from?” “We are man and woman, male and female” She smiled and said “well female sounds like fem but what’s a male?” “People sort of like Jackie’s body here. Just with the cock and not the boobs or the vagina”. She looked at me now, shaking her head “what, that doesn’t make any sense”. “Why would you have a cock and not boobs or a pussy.” “That wouldn’t work, your teasing me”. I shook my head “no, I’m serious. Where I come from we have two sexes and they are separate.” Ellen couldn’t make sense of this at all and she just looked confused. She then said with a evil grin, “You have lots to learn then.”

I finally got up off the bed and Ellen helped me get dressed, in a dress and heels. It turns out in this dimension the closest thing to anything male is a cock. Other than that the world is a women’s Utopia. They all dress to the nines for every occasion and everything from the buildings to the vehicles very feminine . It’s also very pink. To say the civilization was advanced would be the biggest understatement ever. The closest thing to a car is a ball you get in that travels through the air and is controlled, by the mind I guess. They don’t really have any sort of government and everything in society is controlled by a council of elder fems. Food is bizarre if you can call it food. Seeing as we are basically cartoons we really don’t eat anything that would be considered food in our dimension. I guess you would say it was just a ball of nutrients or something. I really didn’t feel hunger and we, ate, just because it was something you did. Plus it was a reason to go out. Which they seemed to love to do. All the fems were very social and friendly. They didn’t even care that I now inhabited the body of this woman. It turns out that she and Ellen are not lovers or married or in any kind of relationship other then having sex because they wanted to. So you may be asking about the fem+s and if they are sort of fathers but that turns out to not be the case either. Fems and fem+s can not procreate outside of a certain environment so there is no risk of pregnancy from just having sex. I didn’t really understand how they created life really. I never saw a pregnant fem or heard of one. It just seemed that every day there were more of them. They did age but the youngest ones I ever saw seemed about teen age.

All the things that Ellen told me and showed me were so overwhelming. I lost track of time and of myself. I was just adapting to this life and had forgot my other life completely. I lived with her since just because I didn’t feel I could live on my own, yet. We did go to Jackie’s place and get more clothes. What about Jackie you might be wondering. Well it turns out that here inter-dimensional travel is just something they do so she is off somewhere and no one seems worried right now. Tonight Ellen has invited many fems and if I understand her right we are basically going to have an orgy. I can’t even.

Back in our dimension doctor Peter Wood lies in a coma in a area hospital after suffering extensive injuries in a lab accident. The doctor comes in and inquires to the nurse “Has he made any progress?” She looks up and says “no doctor but at least he seems very happy.”


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