Full moon

I can’t believe it was ten years ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was during the night, a full moon lit up her face when I met her. Her name was Heather. It felt like it was love at first sight. We went to her place, and had sex for hours, I even licked her wet pussy. Afterwards, we passed out. In the morning, Heather was gone. I got dressed, and left her a note. As I was about to leave her home, I saw a man in the kitchen, “Hello, I am John. You must be her brother” I told him. “Yes. you must be wondering where Heather went… she went out for work, but asked me to tell you had a great time” he said. I said goodbye and left.

A few weeks later, I noticed there was a full moon again. I remembered being with Heather, and how great she was. But exactly at 11 pm the changes happened. I fell to the floor, I started shaking in pain. I could feel my body changing, reshaping. The must painfull part was when my spine cracked. When it was over, I felt like a whole different person, I even had a different personality.

I knew I wasn’t a man anymore, but still, I don’t know what came on to me, I went straight to a club. I was looking for something, I wanted sex. Somehow I felt really horny. I looked at girls, but they weren’t turning me on. A guy came to me, and offered me a drink. I started flirtting with him. He took me to his place and we had sex, hot dirty sex. The next morning, around 6 am, I reverted back to my maleself. Ashamed of what had happened, I ran away before the man could see me.

I went looking for Heather, I knew she would be the one who could explain what had happened. She wasn’t home, but her brother was happy to see me. Thank god he knew what had just happened, so he explained everything. He called it the werewoman curse. Apparently the curse will transform me into a woman every full moon. And I will remain a woman until I have sex. “wait? did I just transfer the curse to that guy?” I asked Heather’s brother. “Not necesarilly. To contract the curse, he has to lick your pussy.”

We continued talking, “is there some cure?”, I asked him; “No, it is something you will have to get used to. I know I have”. I couldn’t believe how stupid I have been, he isn’t Heather’s brother, he IS Heather. “On the plus side, your female persona doesn’t age. And if you can resist having sex while being her, you can leave as a woman for longer than a night”. That wasn’t much help.

That brings us up to today, I’ve transformed into my female persona so many times I have lost count. Last time I turned, I refrained from having sex. I appreciated life as a woman, which made me see thing from a whole different perspective. But yesterday, as another fullmoon took place, my hornyness took control of me. I just had to sleep with a guy. I invited the first guy I saw to my place. We had sex all night. He was great, and I am pretty sure I was so too. The next morning, as I woke up, I was ready to run away, before he found out I was a guy, but something had happened, I was still a woman. That just turned me on again, I got over him, and after a quick hand job, I slid his equipment back inside my pussy. The curse was broken, I would never transform during a fullmoon anymore, I was a woman 100% of the time.


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