Imaginary Friend

Ever since I was a little boy, I used to have an imaginary friend. She was Amy, a cute girl that would always get me into trouble. She was telling me to do dangerous stuff, or to make fun of classmates. As I grew old, I expected her to just disappear, but that never happened, the older I got, the older she got too.

One day, she just kept telling me to cheat on my girlfriend. I told her I wouldn’t do that, and that I wished she didn’t exist. She got mad, incredible mad, “that’s it, if you are not going to do that, I will do it for you” she said. She then jumped into my body. I started to feel dizzy, I felt like throwing up. I ran to the bathroom, and as expect I threw up for hours. I don’t know why, but I was naked. As I stood up, and walked back to the sink, ready to wash my face, I noticed something was very different, I looked like an exact copy of Amy. “what the?” I said with my new high pitched voice. Then Amy jumped out of my body. “There! now we should be more in synch” she said, “You should really like your new body”. And she was right, I felt so hot. “You should take a picture of yourself and send it to James” she said. And I had to just do what she said, I grabbed my phone, and took a selfie, making sure, both my breasts and ass were visible. I looked at the picture, “I can do better” I said outloud, and took several other pictures.

I sent the pictures to James. “You should sleep with him. He is the only one that will understand who this new you is. He will love you.” she said and giggled a little. I was giggling too, I was so turned on, I wanted him inside me.

Amy wasn’t my imaginary friend anymore, she was my conscience, and I just had to do everything and anything she told me to.


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