Life of Riley

“Oh my god, David, what are you doing?!”
Helen returned to the apartment to find his husband in the female form there elixir made him into, lying on her back, getting fucked by the man living down the hall from them.
“Crap, Tommy, it’s that old bitch I share the apartment with that I told you about. Just keep fucking me, okay?” The girl moaned at her partner. He just grunted and kept thrusting.
“You can’t do this, David, we talked about it.” The couple ignored the older woman and continued fucking.
“Fine…Riley. Stop this.”
The girl made sure that the man kept pumping, but finally responded to the woman. “No, I don’t think I will. I love how it feels to be young, to be in control, to be able to be impaled by Tommy’s cock and shout out ‘I’m such a slut!’ and watch the boys crowd around me. Now get out of here so I can fuck my man, bitch.”
Helen shook her head and left the room. Ever since his friends had spiked David’s beer with elixir, he had been different, but Helen never suspected that it could change him so much. She and David had been perfect fit each other, but this… thing he had turned into was just like all the horrible girls that had made high school a living hell for her. She could only cry in her room as the new hot bitch in town swallowed Tommy’s cock and sucked the semen out of it before leaving the apartment with him and never returning.
The next time Helen would see Riley, she’d be the start of a teen reality show, manipulating boys and ruining other girls’ lives. Of course, unknown to Riley, Helen wasn’t going by that name anymore. Riley’s biggest competition on the show was now named Lacey, who sold Riley’s boy toys one by one and made sure that her rival’s life was as miserable as possible.


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