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Oh my god this is me. Round breasts, long hair, feminine curves, vagina. I’m a girl. For some reason I’m not alarmed, I feel a sort of homecoming. I’m not scared of sitting to pee, learning make up or relations with men. I’m excited and ready to converge on a brand new horizon.

It is time to wake up

I knew the dreams felt real. But I didn’t know how real they actually were. Imagine everynight dreaming you are a hot brazilian girl. And now, imagine how good it feels when you discover you can actually control your dream. At first I was scared about those dreams, but now I spend my whole day hoping to fall asleep, so I can be Adriana once again. Read more

Request @Angel20

For Jack being a woman was a secret fantasy. Forever he would imagine what it must be like on the other side of the fence, but then a body modification studio offered him an opportunity to jump the fence.
He was able to have preferences. The director of the studio explained to Jack that he could have one feature that could be outstanding. Jack gave it a long hard think. He eventually settled with having an outstanding ass. He stepped into a chamber and chemicals washed over him. He felt as though he was drowning. It seemed to go on forever. But then it ceased and he, now a she, stepped out. And she did have a great ass. One of the first things Jack did as a woman was rush to the female bathroom to take a picture of his, her, new pride and joy. It was the best ass Jack had ever seen and it was on Jack’s body.
Jack didn’t know what name he would go by now but he knew it was going to be a sexy one. Read more

Just let me take a selfie so you can remember me

When the world became overpopulated by males the government had to act. To combat this they began changing males into females.
Richie was randomly chosen to take part in the program. He was taken by a pair of government officials to a mysterious building. Here they took him into a chamber.
Then he was stripped of his clothes and left in there. Lights began to flash and the loud hum of a machine became almost deafening. Richie felt his entire body burn as he suddenly shrunk. His head felt like it was being pulled from all directions as his facial features changed and long blonde hair sprouted from his skull. Next his hips expanded which gave him womanly curves. His rear end filled which gave him great pleasure as his plump feminine ass formed. Next breasts balloned from his chest which gave him a warm and sexual feeling. Then came the final stage and the pivotal one. His penis and testicles retracted inside him to become a moist slit which formed his vagina.
The first thing Richie did when he, or she, was released was run for a mirror. She couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked with her pristine white teeth, her gorgeous green eyes, her round breasts and her tempting bum.
“What’s your new name gonna be miss?” Asked the government man who was holding a clipboard.
“That is one beautiful name for a beautiful lady Rose”
“Why thank you sir” replied Rose who was clearly humbled by the compliment.
“I guess you best be on your way miss Rose”
“No not yet I don’t want you to forget me. Let me take a selfie for you to remember me by.”
The goveenment man handed Rose a phone and she posed with a mirror in the background to ensure she got all her highlights.
“Thank you very much sir. I never thought I could love being a woman so much. Maybe you should try it”
And Rose exited into the greater world.


Oh my god! There is nothing between my legs. My thighs are separated by thin air and my two thighs may never make contact.
I knew that there would be nothing there once I changed but wow. I know the witch said it was only for a week but wow. All I can really say is wow.


I didn’t understand why my daughter was always using that Snap Chat thingy on her phone. It was always selfies and mirror shots. I gave her a hard time about it quite often. But thats what Dads and Daughters do- bother each other. Read more

Imaginary Friend

Ever since I was a little boy, I used to have an imaginary friend. She was Amy, a cute girl that would always get me into trouble. She was telling me to do dangerous stuff, or to make fun of classmates. As I grew old, I expected her to just disappear, but that never happened, the older I got, the older she got too. Read more

Family Problem

Growing up, I always thought it was a little bit odd that my Dad went away for business trips all summer, and my Aunt Darlene always came to visit during the summer, but who was I to doubt my parents that my dad was off at work. It was unexpected when my dad divorced my mom, and Aunt Darlene moved in permanently to help pay the bills. Read more

beta testing

I always sign up for every kind of video game beta testing. So when I got an invitation to beta test the new “BT app” I signed up without hesitation. I was sent a link to download the app. After installing the app, and starting my session, I was asked to take a picture “take picture of subject A”, must be to create my character I thought. I took a picture of myself. Nothing happened. “take picture of subject B”. “mmm… fine…” I sneaked up on my sister and took a picture. Read more