Held captive

I was riding my quad through the country side when i lost control over my machine and fell of it. When i woke up every inch of my body hurt. I noticed i was in an unfamiliar house. I tried to get up but my body was to weak. Then an old lady came in “I see you’re already awake. Drink this, it will reduce the pain” She smiled and handed me a cup with some medicine. Later she told me how she and her husband had found me unconscious. They took me to their house and cared for me until i will get back to health. I was greatful that they saved me but i hoped i could leave soon.

As the days passed i started to notice something strange. My body was becoming smaller. I’m sure i lost some weight and became shorter. Next thing i noticed was my skin getting softer and less hairy, in some places my hair disappeared completely. After a week my hands, feet and my whole frame was a lot smaller, it looked rather feminine right now. I wanted to ask them what is happening but they just told me it’s my imagination and i’m probably still tired after the accident. I got really worried when my breasts started to grow. At first they were very small but soon they were becoming bigger until i had a pair of nice, round breasts that could make any woman jelous. My face also chaged. When i looked in the mirror i was surprised that i look like a woman now. My final change took place soon after. I woke up one moring trying to scratch my balls but insted of my hard member i had a soft pussy.
It was then when the elderly couple reveled that they were doing this to me ant thanks to the medicine i was drinking i became a woman. As a repay for saving my life i had to marry their son now. That was crazy. There is no way i would do that. I tried to run several times but i only got caught and punished. After a few failed attempts i gave up. Few weeks later i took the name Alice and married their son James. At our wedding night i had my first time as a woman.

Now i’m living with James as his loving wife. My job is to take care of the house, make sure to please my husband and keep an eye on our daughter. Yes we have a daughter, her name is Madison and she is currently 1 year old. Soon after our wedding i discovered i was pregnant. Nine months later i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I know Madison won’t be our only child. James always said that he wants a son so here i am, waiting for my husband to return home. I promised him that today we will try for another baby and if i get lucky i will give him the son he desires so much.


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