I´m going for the hat trick and beyond!

“Hey Mitch! Guess what I´ve got!”
Greg, his friend from school held something behind his back.
“What?”, he asked curiosly
“I managed to snatch something from a hot girls bag at that place you know, Bikini Beach. We can use it with that magic medallion you had found”. Greg held up a polka dot bikini top.
“Gimme!”, Mitch snatched the top from Gary´s hands and examined it. The girl must have been stacked. This would be so good.

Half an hour later a newly minted lady exited the house. She had `borrowed` her sisters clothing so she wouldn´t raise any suspicions when going to the town buying booze. The clothes was slightly too small and they enhanced her generous curves more than hiding them. When looking in a mirror all she could see was a breathtakingly beutiful woman.

When walking past an alley she-Mitch heard a muffled sound, almost like someone was in distress. Weighing her options she found out that she was bigger and stronger now, she could probably help, so she headed in.
Behind a dumpster she saw a man, seemingly injured. “Lie still! I`ll get help!”. She was just about to turn around when a bright light from a toy gun hit her. From an bystanders perspective it looked like someone had opened up the valve and let out all of the air from her.
The injured man hobbled to the pile of girl flesh that was lying on the ground, enduring his pains from the multiple stab wounds he had from an earlier robbery. This was his only chance if he wanted to continue to live.
He dressed himself with her as fast as he could and closed the zipper.
His body inside the suit was being compressed into her lucious form, filling out her generous breasts and behind. He breathed a long breath and he felt that the pain was gone. Marcus was happy, he would survive. Now he had to get himself to a hospital so he could exit the girl and then get intensive care as soon as possible.
Dressing in her somewhat too small clothes (what is it with today´s girls and their penchant for showing themselves off like meat in the market?) he began his journey to the hospital. His own wallet was gone and this girl had no id, just some money, better get a cab.

Halting a cab that was passing by he directed it to the nearest hospital. The driver asked a couple of questions to him but he managed to give a believable cover story. He said he was gonna visit her old aunt in the hospital who had hip problems.
The cab stopped at the entrance. Marcus paid the slobby man and just as he was exiting the cab he heard the words: “Have a good day, ma´m”, and his world began to spin.
The former cab driver rejoiced. By wishing this beutiful girl a good day he had managed to exit the magic cab (more like cursed cab) into a new body. It was nothing like his original one, a succesful businessman, but her body seemed so inviting. During the whole ride he couldn´t stop thinking about it, he decided he wanted it.

Watching the cab leaving the drop off area the former businessman went into the hospital to find `her` aunt.
Much to his suprise when he asked about the name of the aunt she wasn´t there. In fact, there had never been anyone with that name ever at that hospital.
Adam, the former businessman, felt bummed. Now what? He checked his purse and pockets. No id. Almost no money. Barely anything in the purse at all which hit him as strange.
He exited the premises trying to figure out the next step.

And old friend of his would be a good place to start. He somehow always managed to bring home beutiful girls. He wouldn´t complain if one more knocked on his door.
It took some time, but Adam managed to convince him that he really was Adam.
“But I met you yesterday?”
“He´s an imposter. Well, it´s my body, but there is someone else inside”.
“And you got this banging girl body how?”, Neil, his friend, seemed very interested all of sudden.
“The same way my own got stolen, a cab driver took it. We switched places”.
“And you don´t know who you are?”
“I have no clue what so ever”.
Neil mused over all of the facts he just had heard. He could use this situation to his advantage.
“Please stay seated. I`ll just go get something”.

Coming back Neil held a remote in his hand.
“How is that going to help me?”, Adam wondered.
“No no no. This one is going to help me. You said that no one would miss you? Right?”, Neil said with a wide grin.
“I think so. Why?”
Aiming it at Adams female body Neil pressed a button, sending out a bright light that hit Adam square in the chest.
“Ow! Why did you do that for?”, she complained.
“Just wanted to see if it worked. How do you feel?”
“Like usual? My feet are sore from walking in the heels all day and I really need to buy a new bra. This one is killing me”. She pointed at her shoulders.
She gave Neil a wink; “Maybe I can get some help taking it off?”.
Not missing the cue he began to undress her. “I`ve really looked forward to this….Amanda”.
“Me too Neil. It has been too long time since last”.

The morning arrived and two bodies, one male and one female was entangled with each other in the kingsized bed. Their naked flesh was hidden under the covers.
Amanda smiled a wry smile whilst tracing her finger over Neil´s chest and continued downwards. Stopping at the groin she looked him in the eyes; “Wanna go again?”
And thus another sweaty session began.

Fast forward three days.
Amanda felt fantastic. Her boyfriend was so loving and compassionate towards her. Her heart almost melted when he brought three red roses to her. The thought of it made her stomach flutter a little bit. Today she would buy him a gift just to show how much she appreciated him.
Ten yards further away Ronnie saw the woman that was approaching him. She would be perfect. A predatory visage appeared on his face, he had found his prey. Long legs, golden hair, big boobs. She had everything that made his engine rev.
Letting her pass him he then broke from standing still into a fast dash, catching up with the woman in a couple of seconds. He could have done it just when she passed him, but where was the fun in that?
Franz, the bodyhopper, leaped the last yard, into Amandas body.
She staggered a little bit, wondering what was going on. Why do she feel so warm and upset in the stomach all of sudden?
Amanda heard her stomach growl at her, and the pressure in there started emanating outwards, going up her torso, down her legs, continuing to her arms and lastly to her head.
The last thing she registered before blacking out was a male voice saying “I`m taking over now, toots”.

Franz inspected her body. She was mighty fine. Mighty fine indeed. The boobs felt really nice when groping them. This one would do nicely in the upcoming swingers party on the other side of town. But first she had to get home to her own, Franz, apartment and get to know her new body more intimate.

“Where am I? Why am I a woman? Ew! Was she masturbating? Gross!”. Eric was scared and shocked. One minute he was playing videogames, the next he was in a strangers bed fingering herself. The sweat and body fluids smelled really bad.
Wiping himself….err…herself she looked out the window, down on the street. Several cars had crashed and people was running around as mad, shouting at each other. Others just screamed.
The news on the television was speaking of a massive body swap event, dubbing it the ´Great Shift`, which had swapped the bodies of 91% of the world´s popualation.
Eric sat down in her soggy couch. How can a good looking girl like her live in a dump like this? She began to weep.

Four weeks later.
Eric´s life had taken a turn for the better. She had found his parents, only dad was unshifted, mom was had become a younger woman (dad didn´t complain about that) and her sister was a five year old boy instead of a fourteen year old girl.
She had her own room in a house in the suburbs. School was strange when you were a grown up in a class with mostly kids. But the Department of Education had decided to let the show go on until further notice. She was both a kid and an adult at the same time, it got confusing at times.
At least the guys that wanted to date her treated her like an adult. It was kinda cute of them.
She looked at her new ID-card. With no records of the previous inahbitant in this body they had to begin from scratch, creating a whole new identity.
“Miranda Peters. That´s me now”, she said and smiled.


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