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costume gun sister

Shaun (14) shooting my sister Sara (27) with the costume gun was the best thing ever. Spending the weekend as her, partying and hanging out with her friends was awesome. Now its time to take her off and go to bed for school tomorrow and to think of who ill be next my mom or my 18 year old cousin who’s coming over for the weekend well just have to see.

Costume Gun Cousin

Well my cousin Ashley (18) finally arrived today, I told my parents that I was spending the week up at marks cottage a while back so I wasn’t going to be home well she was here. When I snuke home that night she was fast a sleep in my bed, i pulled out the gun and shot here. Read more

Costume Gun Revisited….

I haven’t used it in a while because neighbors were beginning to notice things different when I would zap one of them and use the skins for awhile. Once everything calmed down, I decided that when I do it ,the person will not be from around my neighborhood. I was walking in the park one day when I noticed a young lady in her 20’s jogging in the park. She had a sexy toned body, very petite. I had never tried to fit my 6 foot frame in a skin that small, but the instructions said it would work. So I watched her as she jogged around the park. There is one part of the park that is wooded, so I figured that would be a good place to zap her. As she came running through, I zapped her…her skin crumpled to the ground. I ran out and quickly gathered everything up. Her ID showed her address and her set of keys. So I got inside of her house and stripped down. I took the feet and slid them on my legs… Wow!!! My feet and legs look so tiny!!! I had better stay sitting while I’m doing this, I could fall! I slid the skin up further , getting it past my ass and up past my waist. Whew! I didn’t know if it was gonna make it, but it did! I looked in the mirror…OMG! I look so funny! My upper body with the petite lower body of a woman! So, I continued up and finished by pulling the head over mine and smoothing it out and sealing the suit as usual. This really feels different! She must be about 5’3″. Let’s see… I saw a swim suit in the bath room…Aaah! This fits just right! Let’s go out to the pool for now and get some rays…

Driving Alex style

It had taken Tammy (21) about two week to realise that there was something wrong with her journey home from picking up her brother. She had notice that she had no recollection of driving home, all she could remember was picking Alex (16) up and then siting in the driveway as Alex ran into the house. There was just this massive blank in the middle, she may not have caught on to this so soon if two things hadn’t changed in her car, the first was running out of tissues in the first week and the second was a sticky stain slowly grown on her nice leather seat in the second week. Read more


“They look so real”.
A mesmerized Howard brought up his pen and pressed it against her breast.
“Hey! Stop doing that! You are violating my female rights or something”.
“And they look real because they are real. In essence I´m totally Tiffany now. I can even recall her memories”.
“Cool! What does she think of me?”
Her facial featuers changed to a more contemplative look, her minds eye looking inwards. “Uhm, sorry bro. She barely know you exist”.
“Could have been worse, she could have been a royal bitch to me instead”.
“Always something. But what do you say? Shall we stick to the plan and you stop drooling over my new hot body?”
“Sure! My place or your place?”
“Let´s go to my ´new´ place. She got some really kinky stuff that both you and I will love to use”. Read more

I´m going for the hat trick and beyond!

“Hey Mitch! Guess what I´ve got!”
Greg, his friend from school held something behind his back.
“What?”, he asked curiosly
“I managed to snatch something from a hot girls bag at that place you know, Bikini Beach. We can use it with that magic medallion you had found”. Greg held up a polka dot bikini top.
“Gimme!”, Mitch snatched the top from Gary´s hands and examined it. The girl must have been stacked. This would be so good. Read more

I Can’t Believe This is Happening

As I lied on top of my best friend while his engorged penis slid in and out of my pussy, all I could think was that I can’t believe this is happening. Earlier that day I was walking my dog when I noticed a strange looking toy gun lying on the ground. Amused by the very retro looking item, I picked it up and continued on my way. I was almost home when my dog tangled up my legs and caused me to trip. Allison my neighbor ran over to help me up. I thanked her as she helped me to my feet, the little retro gun then fell out of my pocket and shot a beam of light at her. She deflated like a popped balloon, I couldn’t believe it. Was she dead? I quickly grabbed the gun then went to grab her to see what happened. Once I touched her deflated skin, I felt this uncontrollable urge to take her inside and put her on. Read more

Devil in angel’s skin

Greg is a handsome seller, but an illegal seller of magical items. Bill, the smuggler that produces these items, frightened him to denounce his prohibited sellings with real incriminating evidences if he doesn’t accept a better price. Read more