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Cheaper than tickets

“Come on, I know I don’t have tickets but I do have these.” He flashed his mother’s breasts letting security get a full view. “What do say boys, can I get in?” Read more

Wow !!! These Really Feel Great!!!

My sister needed help taking care of “being in 2 places at once…” so I told her I would help if I could, knowing full well that I couldn’t be a copy of her. She said ” Really??? You would do that for me?” I said “Yeah…” She said “Just a minute…” In about five minutes she was back with a lacy little number that didn’t look like it would cover much. She said “Here, Hold this…” She handed me the outfit and a funny looking medallion. As I touched it, I got a shock, like a static electricity shock. All at once I could feel my body start to change…my hair got longer and turned blonde, I shrunk in height and began to get thinner. I could fell my body rearranging from my chest to my hip area. My chest was swelling as my waist shrunk in. My butt plumped up and my dick inverted into a vagina! “Oh My God!” I said in my now higher octave voice. My sister said” Now you look like me and sound like me, so lets see if I can get you passable as a female besides looks…”

It’s Got To Be In Here!!!

I used the Medallion Of Zulo to make me a carbon copy of my friend Debra so she could go on a date and also make the meeting with an important client of hers. What I didn’t realize was that I would lose the damn thing at lunch the next day. That mud and water is making it impossible to find!!! Come on Debra!!! Help me find it!!! What…You enjoy having a twin??? I don’t want to stay like this!!! Oh,Thanks!!! I know I look good in pink!!!Come On…Help me find it!!!

They’re So Big!!!

I’ve tried to talk my wife into getting breast implants for years and she always tells me that you wouldn’t like lugging all that extra weight around. One day we were having that same old discussion when she said “I tell you what.. If you can carry that extra weight around for a week and your back doesn’t hurt AND I don’t hear a complaint, then I’ll do it” I said ok, full well knowing that she couldn’t just make breasts appear. She said “Here ,put this necklace on…” I Said “Ok” full knowing that nothing would happen. WE both felt a jolt of electricity shoot through us. All of a sudden my hair started turning blonde and getting longer…my legs started slimming and looking very feminine. I exclaimed” What is happening…my voice!!!…It sounds so…like YOURS!!! I started breathing heavily as I could feel my chest expanding…I went up to her B cup …but they kept growing…up to a C cup…and they kept growing all the way up to a DDD cup!!! OMG!!! They are so HUGE!!! About that time, I felt my dick suck into my body and become a vagina. I ‘ve been so wrapped up in my changes that I just noticed my wife had changed into a copy of me! She said ” I used the medallion of Zulo on us and we will stay like this for a week. Then we will see who win the bet”.


Tom was out for his morning jog when he was grabbed by two men and thrown in a van. As the van sped off, one man dropped a medallion over his head and the other touched a blue dress to it. Tom felt a shock. Then as he started to change, the men removed the medallion and sat back to watch. Soon blonde hair was cascading over Tom’s eyes, his waist shucked in, breasts began to form on his chest and there was a pulling sensation in his crotch. In about 30 minutes, where Tom had been, sat a petty blonde woman. As soon as the changes stopped the two men grabbed the new Tom and dressed her in the blue dress, but they didn’t stop there. Soon Tom found herself wearing hose and gloves, her face made up, arms tightly bound and a large ball gag in her mouth. There was even a blue bow in her hair. Shortly the van pulled into a large estate on the edge of town. Tom was carried in the back door of the mansion and unceremoniously dumped on a couch in a large study. The two men high fived each other and left. Soon, in walked an older man who looked at Tom and began to shake his head. “Brenda, Brenda, Brenda. What am I going to do with you? Don’t you know you can’t escape me. What is this, 20 times now? And Frankie and Moose always bring you back. I don’t know how they always find you so quickly. And why do you always run away in that same blue dress? Well no matter, you’re back. It is curious that you have to be retrained every time after these little jaunts of yours. I see you’re not wearing any panties so we might as well start there. Tom’s eyes got very wide as the man began to undo his trousers.

I´m going for the hat trick and beyond!

“Hey Mitch! Guess what I´ve got!”
Greg, his friend from school held something behind his back.
“What?”, he asked curiosly
“I managed to snatch something from a hot girls bag at that place you know, Bikini Beach. We can use it with that magic medallion you had found”. Greg held up a polka dot bikini top.
“Gimme!”, Mitch snatched the top from Gary´s hands and examined it. The girl must have been stacked. This would be so good. Read more

Where Did It Go?

I must have dropped that damn medallion around here some where. I’ve got to find it or Karen and I can’t switch back. We swapped bodies by accident this morning and we have to wait 12 hours for it to recharge or something. Karen and her girl friends had this day at the beach planned and she insisted I go in her place. We just have to switch back or I know she will make me go on her date tonight with her fiancé. YUCK.

I’ll never live it down

When my sister asked me to be one of her “bridesmaids,” I was honored, but assumed I’d be wearing a suit and simply standing on her side during the ceremony. I was wrong. Read more