I warned you

“So i guess i should call you Jenny now” Robert smirked looking at the consufed woman. “Mr. Jacobs, please turn me back. I can’t stay like this” Martin pleaded but robert just laughed. “Well then you shouldn’t sleep with my daughter. I told you if you will do anything to her you will regret. Robert was angry. “Mr. Jacobs, you didn’t tell me anything like that” Martin said. “The look on my face, whenever i saw you should tell you it” Robert said. Maritn gulped. He really regreted his decision now. Mr. Jacobs didn’t like him, and sleeping with his daughter was probably the worst idea in his life. The moment of plesure wasn’t worth being changed into a woman. He didn’t knew how he found out. Martin was chilling at the skate park when Robert stormed there in fury. Then he touched his body and Martin slowly turned from a teenage boy to a woman.

“You know how hard it is for a single father to raise a teenage daughter?” Robert asked. “No Mr. Jacobs” Martin lowered his head. “It’s hard you know. But now thanks to you i will have some help. Right Jenny. I’m sure you will gladly become my wife” Robert winked. “Of course i will” Martin was surprised by the words that came out of his mouth. He didn’t want to say it but his mind couldn’t do anything against robert’s will. “There is still one detail that’s need to be fixed” Robert placed his hand on Martin’s stomach. Martin could feel something growing in his abdomen. His belly grew and soon he looked like he was seven months pregnant. “There” Robert smiled. Martin felt somethin move in his belly. “Now let’s go home sweetheart” Robert took him by the arm and guided towards his car. Martin couldn’t do anything. He wanted to run but his transfomed mind forced him to go with robert and act like his loving wife. He couldn’t help but smile when he felt another kick. As bad as his situation was right now he was starting to look forward to becoming a mother.


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