I just had to sleep

One day, for no reason at all, I felt really tired in the middle of the day, I couldn’t barely work. I left the office, and went to my appartment, I just had to sleep. When I woke up, I noticed everything was wrong, my apparment walls were pink, my furniture looked all girly. I stood up, and felt my hair touch my shoulders and breasts. “Wait a minute!” I said outloud. I walked to the mirror, and saw, in it, a reflection that wasn’t mine. I looked down, and I was wearing nothing but an unbuttoned white blouse.

The floor was cold, so I grabbed the first shoes I could find and put them on. They were heels, but for some reason I could walk without a problem in them. Then my cellphone rang. It was Amy, my girlfriend, “oh shit, how am I going to explain this!”. I finally decided to answer the call, if someone can help me is her. “Hello?” I said with a girly voice. “John? is that you?” — she knew what had happened — “Amy? you know what happened to me?” I asked her. “Yes!, of course, I am the one that turned you into a girl. But I think you know why.” she said. And I did, I had cheated on her, and not even once, but several times.

“you should have dumped me! not turned me into a girl!!” I said. “I know, but once the mental changes kick in, you will be my best friend, and you will hate John for cheating on me”. Hate on me? Hate on John! that’s stupid, I will always think of him as a sexy guy — wait am I thinking about John in the third person? — Well, yeah, he was sexy, but he was a dumb bastard for cheating on my friend Amy. But I could use a man like him, someone that wants to have sex with me every day. I felt wet. I had to sit down. I dropped the phone, I completely forgot I was talking with Amy. As I placed my hands on my seat, I felt turned on, I looked at my bed, and imagined a really hot man. And I wanted him inside me.

“Kim? Kim! are you there?” I heard a faint voice. I looked around and it was my phone, I picked up, “Amy, I am getting dressed. We should go clubbing tonight. But this time, it is my turn to bring the hot guy home. ok?”


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