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Hiromi’s Body

“What’s with the face?” Kim asked
“Please turn me back to my body..” Cole plead to Kim
“After I found you having sex with her? You cheated on me!”
“I swear it won’t happen again…”
“No! I won’t swap you back before you learn your lesson.” Read more

The bracelet

I knew he hated it. But he had no choice, ever since I had placed that bracelet on his arm, he had no choice but to follow my every command. First I told him to become a woman, his body reshaped, and changed into one of a girl that looked like his sister. I then showed her a picture, and told her to become a copy of the girl in the picture. Read more

Serves me well

I was sure my girlfriend was cheating on me, and with my best friend James! So I deviced a way to transform myself into a copy of her. She was going out of town for two weeks, it was the perfect opportunity to find out if I was right. All I would have to do is transform into her, and pretend I didn’t go to the trip to stay with James. Read more


I tried to explain what had happened to James, “It was Amy! She did this to me!” I said while taking my robe off and revealing my new female body. “Obe hour go, I was a man, and now, I look like a girl!”. “But why?” James asked. “We were having sex, when she placed some kind of star shapped stone on my chest. She then said <I know you cheated on me>, and just left. I tried to follow her, but the pain was unberable. I fell to the floor and passed out. When I woke up, my… my thing was gone. I had long hair, I looked in the mirror, and was surprised to see a girl instead of me.” Read more

The book of mind and soul

“So, who are you?” my girlfriend Kim asked. “I am John, your boyfriend”. Kim had just bought a spell book, and she wanted to try it. She asked me if I would allow her to try it on me, since I don’t believe in magic, I accepted. Read more

I just had to sleep

One day, for no reason at all, I felt really tired in the middle of the day, I couldn’t barely work. I left the office, and went to my appartment, I just had to sleep. When I woke up, I noticed everything was wrong, my apparment walls were pink, my furniture looked all girly. I stood up, and felt my hair touch my shoulders and breasts. “Wait a minute!” I said outloud. I walked to the mirror, and saw, in it, a reflection that wasn’t mine. I looked down, and I was wearing nothing but an unbuttoned white blouse. Read more

Finding out

Last week I broke up with my girlfriend. I found out she was cheating on me, and with one of my so called friends. I just didn’t know with whom exactly. Read more

Amy two

Yesterday, my girlfriend Amy introduced me to her friend Dan. He used to be her boyfriend a long time ago, and as you should expect, I was suspicious. No, I was more than suspicious, I was sure they were sleeping together. But I wasn’t going to break up with her unless I had proof. That’s when I called my friend James, I explained the situation. “I have a potion that would transform anyone into any other person. If you are willing to help me, I will transform you into a clone of Amy, and tomorrow at the bar, you will make a pass at Dan. Depending on his reaction, we will know if they are sleeping with each other” I told James. I expected to have to do some begging to convince him, but he agreed right away. “Give me the potion” he said. He drank the whole thing, and in a matter of seconds, I was looking at a clone of Amy. “how do I look?” he said with his now feminine voice. “Quite hot! Just like Amy” I said. “I guess for now, you should call me Amy too. Or Amy two!” he said giggling. Read more