To say James was angry was an understatement. Carla had completely humiliated him. She’d been bullying him for years and he’d finally had enough of it. Pulling his pants down in front of the whole class was the final straw. So James went home that night and began searching ways to get rid of a bully. One link lead to another and somehow he stumbled a possession spell. Eager to see if it worked he tested it on his mom and when he found himself in her busty body he was ecstatic, after a little play around he exited her body and began to sketch up his plans.
The day finally came, Saturday. James woke up nice and early and read the spell out while thinking of Carla after uttering the last syllable he found himself in her body still yet to wake up and get out of bed. James sprang straight into action. He quickly removed Carla’s pajamas and began snapping photo after photo of Carla’s curvy form in all sorts of erotic poses. He wasn’t interested in exploring her body in fact the sheer thought of her disgusted him and he wanted to be out of her body as quickly as possible. So after taking some photos he uploaded them all to Facebook. He then proceeded to break up with her boyfriend before finally heading out to the mall with nothing but a pair of baggy boxers which he’d gotten from her dad’s room. Confidently he strutted out into the mall gathering countless weird stares from other mall goers. Once in the very center and the busiest part of the mall he said the return spell and found himself re-materialized in front of Carla. She instantly regained consciousness wondering where on earth she was. She looked down seeing that she was topless wincing before quickly covering her breasts. “Ha!” Said “You shouldn’t have messed with me and if you do it again you know whats going to happen” James said pleased with what he’d done then turning and heading away “Hasta la vista baby” He said before he exited the mall a huge smile spread across his face. Carla suddenly sprinted past him her huge tits bouncing manically as she tried to escape to privacy. It’s safe to say that Carla wouldn’t be messing with James ever again.


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