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Masturbation session

“Why have I never done this before?” Haley asked herself in between moans as she lay swaying her hips up and down stroking the vibrator up and down her wet vagina. Her huge tits jiggling rhythmically with each sway of her hips. Her vagina was so much more sensitive. All of her senses were heightened, she could feel the soft pillows of her parents bed pressing against her back and cushiony ass. She didn’t know why she decided to masturbate in her parent’s room, maybe it was the thrill of it. The fact that her dad could walk in any minute and catch her in the act made her all the more horny. And as the pleasure grew and grew her moans got louder and louder. Haley could hear the sound of footsteps making their way closer and closer. Up the stairs and along the hall towards the door. Haley didn’t care she just kept on moaning. Then all of a sudden the door swung open, Haley just kept going.
“Oh honey you got started without me, you little minx” She heard her Dad say as he then approached the bed quickly taking of his clothes and diving on top of her.
It was a good thing that Haley had possessed her Mom or she would have been in a world of trouble


To say James was angry was an understatement. Carla had completely humiliated him. She’d been bullying him for years and he’d finally had enough of it. Pulling his pants down in front of the whole class was the final straw. So James went home that night and began searching ways to get rid of a bully. One link lead to another and somehow he stumbled a possession spell. Eager to see if it worked he tested it on his mom and when he found himself in her busty body he was ecstatic, after a little play around he exited her body and began to sketch up his plans.
The day finally came, Saturday. James woke up nice and early and read the spell out while thinking of Carla after uttering the last syllable he found himself in her body still yet to wake up and get out of bed. James sprang straight into action. He quickly removed Carla’s pajamas and began snapping photo after photo of Carla’s curvy form in all sorts of erotic poses. He wasn’t interested in exploring her body in fact the sheer thought of her disgusted him and he wanted to be out of her body as quickly as possible. So after taking some photos he uploaded them all to Facebook. He then proceeded to break up with her boyfriend before finally heading out to the mall with nothing but a pair of baggy boxers which he’d gotten from her dad’s room. Confidently he strutted out into the mall gathering countless weird stares from other mall goers. Once in the very center and the busiest part of the mall he said the return spell and found himself re-materialized in front of Carla. She instantly regained consciousness wondering where on earth she was. She looked down seeing that she was topless wincing before quickly covering her breasts. “Ha!” Said “You shouldn’t have messed with me and if you do it again you know whats going to happen” James said pleased with what he’d done then turning and heading away “Hasta la vista baby” He said before he exited the mall a huge smile spread across his face. Carla suddenly sprinted past him her huge tits bouncing manically as she tried to escape to privacy. It’s safe to say that Carla wouldn’t be messing with James ever again.

Estate agent

Johnny quickly hurried to put the two huge black breasts that hung atop his chest back into the confines of his dress. He didn’t want to keep the viewer waiting any longer he already looked all sweaty and disheveled from his masturbation session. It wasn’t a good start for Johnny. Johnny was an estate agent and a very special one at that. You see Johnny had been struggling through life as a poor estate agent, very rarely selling a house. That was until one night when browsing the internet when he found a possession spell. This spell allowed him to possess another person’s body indefinitely for as long as he wanted until he read the reverse spell. He used this spell to possess sexy women and he would show his male viewers around as them. It enticed the viewers to come back multiple times to “view the house” or his goods and you would be surprised what some men are willing to do for some action.
Today Johnny has a new viewer and therefore a new body, he’d found Felicity in the mall so he quickly jumped into her body, bought a new sexy dress and headed here. It’s safe to say that today’s viewer is a sucker for big black breasts since he returns three times and ultimately ends up buying the house.

Sisters distractions

Aaron had extremely important exams coming up and was spending the weeks leading up to them studying hard. However today he was much more distracted than usual. You see Aaron had the ability to possess anothers body simply by the thought of it. He’d refrained from using his special ability over the past three weeks in order to revise. But today his sister was sat opposite him while he was studying. Aaron was already exceptionally horny but the fact that her huge breasts were displayed so nicely in the tight low cut top that she wore made it impossible to resist. Aaron let out an annoyed groan as he knew what he was about today do. Then suddenly he was sat at the opposite side of the table staring at a phone screen. He quickly put the phone down proceeding to pull his sisters huge tits out of their confines propping them up on the table in front of him. Leaning down he began to suck her nipples at the same time chewing on the pliant flesh. His hand crept down to his sisters vagina as he began pumping his fingers in and out. Soon he was in an all out masturbation session. Five minutes passed and suddenly he shuddered, his sisters body tensing up as her neck arched backwards and her huge chest pushed out. A minute later and Aaron lay basking in the afterglow of his orgasm. “Oh that was well worth it” He said as he sat up tucking his sisters huge breasts back into her top. “But now back to studying” He said as suddenly he re-materialized behind his sister who slumped down onto the table. Aaron quickly sat back down as his sister began to stir. She yawned as she sat up then unconsciously pushing her boobs back into a comfortable position. Aaron stared at her boobs thinking about what he’d just done to them. His sister noticed “Stop staring at my tits you pervert. Just because you can’t get any action for yourself doesn’t mean I’ll give you it” She said condescendingly. Aaron just smiled and laughed to himself mischievously.

Friends in family

“Hi mom” Steven said after he finally got connected with her on skype.
“Hi son” She said mischievously seeming to put special emphasis on the ‘son’.
“What did you want then mom?” Steven asked slightly impatient to get back to playing pool with his friends having just spoken to his mom only an hour ago.
“Just wanted to speak to my favorite boy” she responded again putting special emphasis on the ‘boy.
“Mom are you okay?” Steven asked noticing his mom’s weird behavior.
“Oh I’m great” She responded happily “You been making lots of uni friends then?” She continued.
“Eh mom we literally just spoke about this. Why you acting so weird?” Steven asked.
“I’m not. Just worried that my little boy is going to go to university and forget all about his friends back home” She said pulling a sad face.
“I don’t think I’ll do that I have a lot of fun with those guys” Steven answered this time a mischievous smile spread across his face.
“Oh we know we do don’t we James” Steven’s mom said then look to her left as a girl entered the screen wearing only her birthday suit her large boobs swinging freely in the air. She strutted up to Stevens mom swaying her hips with every step. Meanwhile Steven’s eyes went wide with shock. “We’re having a great time” his mom laughed then turning around to hug the naked girl as the two laughed. “What the fuck. Get out of my family!” Steven piped up. Steven’s mom and the girl, Stevens sister, stared at the screen laughing in hysterics as Steven’s face melted in front of them. “Why the fuck are you in my family?!” Steven asked growing in agitation as he stared at the screen at his two best friends Tim and James inside the bodies of his mom and sister. “We just came for some fun” James said in Steven’s sisters most innocent of voices. “For fucks sake. At least cover my sister’s boobs” Steven demanded. “Why did you have to ring me?” He asked.
“We wanted to see how our favorite Steve was doing” Tim replied.
“For fucks sake guys. This isn’t okay. Just do whatever you’re gonna do and get out. This is not okay” Steven stated matter-of-factly.
“Ah but yet it was okay when it was my mom?” James said titling his head giving Steven a knowing look.
“Erh” Steven groaned hoping that he would have forgotten that. “Fine you can do it this one time but after that no more and don’t go out and have sex they both have men. Okay?” Steven told his friends.
“Okay. Will do” Steven heard his friends say before suddenly they hung up on him.
“Bye” Steven said to a blank screen before sinking back into his seat and thinking about the shit that his friends would be doing tonight. Half of him was envious of the good time they’d be having and half of him worried as to whose expense that good time was. He was slightly beginning to regret the decision to come to university. But he couldn’t just spend every living day enjoying the luxuries of other peoples bodies. Or could he?