Try It, You’ll Like It

I told my wife Harriet that I thought women had gotten a good deal, that they could pretty much decide when they wanted to have sex, that they could get multiple orgasms, and that they are easily “re-heatable”

I think it was the last part that annoyed her a little bit but it would have been hard for her to ignore the general truth of the statement since Harriet has always loved sex.

I didn’t know she had some sorcery skills. All she said to me after I expressed my opinion was “Try it, you’ll like it.”

I came out of the blur lying on my back with Harriet cheering me on and the hunky guy from down the street putting it to me with what seems like a high level of energy. I am getting fucked big time. So I am trying it, and I am liking it, a lot.

Harriet says we will “double date” with two guys she knows.


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