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New God XIII

Previous Chapters (and mini-summaries):
1: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26440
(Discovered my powers & changed Mr. Huxley into a Miss & fucked her)
2: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26467
(Absorbed Eve Wilkins’ memories & punished two bullies)
3: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26498
(Granted Sophia’s wish to be a woman & did the same to myself)
4: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26508
(Got my parents back together & gave my brother a girlfriend)
5: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26546
(Punished the basketball team & masturbated wmini-Mike)
6: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26560
(Became Miss Infinity then fucked Mary while Mike fucked giant Petra)
7: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26685
(Gave Mike Petra’s memories & Aphrodite introduced herself to me)
8: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26692
(Aphrodite shows off to prove her point & I wreck a man’s life for fun)
9: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26698
(Michelle is raped by Aphrodite while I reveal myself to Mary)
10: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26709
(Michelle masturbates in the shower, I finish recruiting Mary)
11: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26715
(I fuck my three mortals, start feeling like a god, we move to Vegas)
12: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26729
(I travel in time, restore Rebecca, and she chooses to stay freely) Read more


To say James was angry was an understatement. Carla had completely humiliated him. She’d been bullying him for years and he’d finally had enough of it. Pulling his pants down in front of the whole class was the final straw. So James went home that night and began searching ways to get rid of a bully. One link lead to another and somehow he stumbled a possession spell. Eager to see if it worked he tested it on his mom and when he found himself in her busty body he was ecstatic, after a little play around he exited her body and began to sketch up his plans.
The day finally came, Saturday. James woke up nice and early and read the spell out while thinking of Carla after uttering the last syllable he found himself in her body still yet to wake up and get out of bed. James sprang straight into action. He quickly removed Carla’s pajamas and began snapping photo after photo of Carla’s curvy form in all sorts of erotic poses. He wasn’t interested in exploring her body in fact the sheer thought of her disgusted him and he wanted to be out of her body as quickly as possible. So after taking some photos he uploaded them all to Facebook. He then proceeded to break up with her boyfriend before finally heading out to the mall with nothing but a pair of baggy boxers which he’d gotten from her dad’s room. Confidently he strutted out into the mall gathering countless weird stares from other mall goers. Once in the very center and the busiest part of the mall he said the return spell and found himself re-materialized in front of Carla. She instantly regained consciousness wondering where on earth she was. She looked down seeing that she was topless wincing before quickly covering her breasts. “Ha!” Said “You shouldn’t have messed with me and if you do it again you know whats going to happen” James said pleased with what he’d done then turning and heading away “Hasta la vista baby” He said before he exited the mall a huge smile spread across his face. Carla suddenly sprinted past him her huge tits bouncing manically as she tried to escape to privacy. It’s safe to say that Carla wouldn’t be messing with James ever again.

Jezzer behind the wheel

“Hi mom you have a good time at that ‘help for homeless’ thing?” Tom asked his mom.
“Oh yeah, that was fantastic” Jezzer said down the phone in his new feminine voice as he rubbed one of his large stolen nipples “Feel like its really changed my outlook on life. I feel like a different person” Jezzer continued laughing at the irony at what he’d just said. “Eh why what happened today different to the passed fifty times before” Tom said jokingly.
“Well lets just say I think the hobos really got to know me a little bit better” Jezzer laughed down the phone thinking back to his antics a couple of hours ago. “Haha okay mom you weirdo. Anyway I was just ringing to tell you that I won’t be coming home tonight, I’m staying at Henry’s. So you can have yourself a nice night in on your own. Why don’t you treat yourself, I think you deserve it” Tom told his mom down the phone.
“Oh I most definitely will be treating myself tonight” Jezzer purred down the phone “See ya later darling” He finished, abruptly hanging up the phone and laughing mischievously to himself. “Well I think me and you” He began then pausing for a second, “What was your name again?” He searched his mounts memories momentarily “Ah Denise. I think me and you are going to have a very good night tonight Denise. What do ya say. Now where do you keep your dildo?” Said Jezzer as he stood up and headed for Denise’s panty drawer. Jezzer was in for a very good night tonight, better than his usual nights on the street, Denise however not so much.
Jezzer had spotted her earlier that day helping out the soup kitchen, handing food out to various homeless people. When he went to get some food and saw her huge boobs jiggling within her floral dress, that’s when he knew he had to have her. He quickly left leaving his full tray of food where it lay, heading outside and out of sight. He then faded into nothingness, his ethereal form completely invisible. He quickly made his way back inside through the walls. Standing directly behind Denise he simply stepped into her body forcing her body to spring upright. Jezzer was now behind the wheel. His hands quickly made their way up to grope the two huge mounds atop his chest much to the enjoyment of the homeless men who stood watching. Jezzer noticed there staring a mischievous smile spreading across his face. “You like that?” He said in a sultry tone, “Then your gonna love this!” He exclaimed a hint of his old gruff voice coming out. He then in one fluid motion grabbed the hem of his shirt, quickly pulling it down along with Denise’s bra. Her two huge breasts tumbling unceremoniously out, much to the enjoyment of the homeless men who began cheering. The other volunteer workers just stood completely shocked at what the usually shy and reserved volunteer was doing. Jezzer jiggled Denise’s boobs around in her hands encouraging more cheers from the homeless men. Then it was over as quick as it started as an older, heavyset volunteer quickly grabbed Jezzer pushing him out of sight. “Get out! Get out!” She screamed at him as they finally made it near to the exit. “Alright keep your knickers on” He said as she pushed him out the back door, quickly slamming it before he could get back in. Jezzer stood smiling a cool breeze brushing across his now huge chest. “Right where to now?” He said pausing momentarily, “I guess yours” He continued looking down at Denise’s huge boobs which he hadn’t cared to cover before he then set off in the direction of Denise’s house.