Walking into the Augment Clinic

I started modifying my body for fun at the suggestion of a friend. He recommended a shop and I started with simple piercings and augmentations.
What he didn’t mention was that he worked for the shop.
What he didn’t mention was how expensive each augmentation was.
I had to work something out with the owners.
They said I could have anything I wanted if I was their new floor model.
I said yes. I couldn’t say anything else; I had no way to pay them.
Slowly, they turned me into this barbie you see before you. I don’t mind it now so much as at first, now that they’ve worked on my brain too.
But I still have one working part left, tucked away.
They say I can become a real girl if someone like you goes out with me.
Of course, it’ll cost you some money. But you’re cute, so you’ll also get me in the sack.
If you help me out now, you can have me before and after the operation.
I see you like that idea… so c’mon, let’s go on a “date”.


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