Erik placed his left knee on the window and scanned the street with hope and expectation. “Why is Naomi late today? She’s usually punctual and she told me she’d be back in time to swap back before dinner. Wasn’t there a 72-hour rule before this became permanent? This was fun but I want my male body back, especially before my…I mean her…period hits!” The thong in his ass was pinching him in all the wrong places, not to mention the annoying belt and the high heels which were gorgeous to look at but torture to wear. He also felt the urge to pee but he just didn’t want to do it anymore as a woman so he squeezed his legs tight and kept looking anxiously out the window waiting for Naomi to return.

(Please get me out of this body, honey! Come back!) ran his thoughts.

As he watched and waited, his mind turned to what he’d learned over the past two days. (1) Sex was wonderful at first but Naomi was insatiable in bed and acting more insensitive to his needs with each passing day; (2) Being beautiful was nice but getting ready wasn’t a walk in the park; (3) Men could be real pigs and ogle his curvy ass at any time so he could never relax outdoors; and (4) He loved his girlfriend’s body but he would prefer to be the one penetrating her cunt instead of playing catcher to all the spunk that he knew he had to clean up afterwards while she slept and snored in his body.

“She’s still not here? I’ve left messages and she won’t call me back.” Erik was worried now. What he didn’t know was that Naomi was simply too busy right now enjoying a blowjob at the office from that sexy new secretary Alicia, and she wasn’t coming home for dinner tonight. In fact, she wasn’t planning on ever giving his body back because she loved being the man in charge.

After 32 minutes of waiting, Erik lowered his legs and straightened his dress. Since Naomi wasn’t coming back he guessed that he’d better just get to the bathroom, tuck up his dress, and tinkle. His hope of getting back his manhood was dashed. If she didn’t return tonight, then he was stuck with this body and everything else for the rest of his life.


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