Please Baby Please !!!!

My girlfriend and I sometimes got into a little bondage stuff. But she said she wanted to try something a little different tonight. “Ok, I’m game!” It really sounded kinky! She told me I had to first drink this potion she had , stating it would get me “In The Mood” . Anything for sex, I’m always horny. After I drank the potion , she had me lay face down on the bed and shackled me to the bed. About the time she finished, I felt changes coming over me. My hair was growing and falling in my face. The shackles were getting tighter because my body was shrinking. I could feel swelling in my ass and chest area. But I still had a raging….wait a minute…Oh no!!! My penis is shriveling up and disappearing! OMG !! I got a pussy!!! My girlfriend stared in amazement…They said it would work and IT DID! You look Fantastic! You look good enough to eat! And with that, she climbed onto the bed and started rubbing my ass and inner thigh. OMG! that feels fantastic! Please Baby Please! I need you so bad!!!!


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