Hiromi’s Body

“What’s with the face?” Kim asked
“Please turn me back to my body..” Cole plead to Kim
“After I found you having sex with her? You cheated on me!”
“I swear it won’t happen again…”
“No! I won’t swap you back before you learn your lesson.”

Cole didn’t know that her girlfriend is a witch and capable to switch his body with the body of Hiromi, his neighbor. Kim went on a business trip, and went home early only to find Cole and Hiromi having sex in their apartment. Kim was furious and swap Cole with Hiromi. Kim also cast a spell on Hiromi so she will remember her life as Cole, not as Hiromi. Also Kim alter Hiromi’s mind to think that Cole (in Hiromi’s Body) is her own personal sex slave.
Cole in Hiromi’s body now living the hell of his life. He was turned into a girls, collared, turned into a sex slave. He was forced to watch whenever Hiromi having sex with Kim, and that really disgust him. Watching his old body having sex with his girlfriend. When Kim is not around, Kim allowed Hiromi to fuck Cole whenever she want. That add to the nightmare that Cole living now.

6 Months have passed, and Kim felt that she liked Hiromi inside the Cole’s body better than the old Cole. So she decided to keep it that way. Cole just sit there with horror as Kim told him that she want to keep things in this way. And Cole just sit quitely and accept his fate as Kim cast a spell to make Cole forget about his old life.


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