Origin of the Magic, part 4

“Brianna!” Fiona screamed.
“Fiona, Henri! I’m so glad to see you guys.”
“As am I”, Henri agreed.
Suddenly Brianna began to moan and scream.
“Bri, what’s happening?”
“My chest. There is some sort of… Ack… Pain”
Fiona looked like she’d panic and Henri began squeezing her breasts, so that milk came out of the nipples.
“Oh, that is so good!” Brianna screamed in relief.
“And we have a solution for our food problem.”
“What? You want my milk? I am no cow!”
“Well, it seems like just produce milk. Why shouldn’t we use it, if we need it?” Henri provoked.
“I’m out!” Brianna screamed and ran away from the couple.
“Do you think she’ll eventually give in?” Fiona asked her boyfriend.
“I think so”, Henri answered and kissed her.

Brianna was lying on the bed in the house on the island, holding on to her nipples pressing them down, beneath her bikini and the shirt she found lying around. She wouldn’t let them make her into their personal food supplier.
Until she would. And she stood up, walked over to the kitchen and let the milk go into a bowl.


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