Hilary’s Unfortunate Morning

“Good morning boys!” I said as I woke. After months of only one guy, I thought doing several might give me bigger tits faster. And I could tell from the weight I felt that it had worked.
“Boys?” Still no response. I opened my eyes and tried to sit up, but was immediately thrown back down. I put my arms to my chest, trying to gather up all my new titflesh. “Oh gosh these things must weigh a ton!” I said cradling them as I got up. Once I had stood, I released them, and was pulled down to the ground hard. I hefted them again and got steadily to my feet. I suddenly felt the need to go to the bathroom, so I tried walking down the hall, which ended up as more of a waddle. I finally made it and sat down on the toiled, only to find I was still at least half a foot off the seat. “What the-” I said, dropping my tits and twisting to look behind me.
My ass. I forgot about my ass! The thing had grown as huge as my tits had, maybe even more! How was I supposed to sit down with this thing!?
Somehow though I managed, and waddled back to my room, slowly learning how to walk in my new huge form. “C’mon, where’s the stone…” I muttered, digging through the pockets of my pants from last night. I know it could give me another wish, and I know I had to get rid of these things! A-ha! Finally I found it, and holding it tightly I made my wish.
Nothing. I didn’t feel the usually warmth, and the stone didn’t glow.
It’s magic was gone. I sat down on my bed, my huge ass flattening out slightly beneath me, my tits wobbling even with only my breathing. This was me now. There was no magic that could put me back.
This time, the change was permanent.


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