Reaching for help

I still don’t know how it works. It might be the weather, it might be a keyword, who knows? All I know is that something triggers my transformation. And whenever it happens, I become Kat. I become outgoing, and sexy. While I am her, I am fully aware I used to be a man, but I don’t usually care, I like being her. When I go back to myself, I am ashamed of acting so girly. Up until now, all I have done is flirtting with some guys. Which eases my mind. However, I know it is a matter of time until Kat has sex.

“So what do you think doctor?” I asked my shrink. But I just saw an evil grinn on his face, “Kimkat” he said. In no time, I saw myself transform into Kat. I now knew he was the one that got me into this transformation cycle. But as lons as I am Kat, I don’t care. “As a matter of fact, my shrink is looking kind of hot today” I thought. I possed sexily for him, hoping he wanted to have sex with me.


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