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What’s It Like

Last night I made a stupid wish on a shooting star (I know, of all things?). I just wanted to know what it was like to be in the pants of the cute girl at the bar that night. However my wish seemed to have been misinterpreted. So, of course, I invited my best friend over to see her-or I guess my, new body:
“So what’s it like having boobs?” he asked me. I knew I should have expected a response like that, but it still caught me a little off-guard.
“I don’t know, what’s it like having a dick?!” I snapped back, covering my mouth after realizing what I had said.
“That’s not fair! You used to have one you already know that!” he said, his eyes unable to move from my perky breasts.
“…No, I don’t…” I said slowly, realizing I couldn’t remember anything about having my male form. “The only thing I remember having down there is my pussy. I can remember my first…” I swallowed hard. “Period… I remember the girl I first had sex with, but I can’t remember doing anything with her. All the memories involving my former male parts are just gone.”
I sat down, and looked solemnly at him. I only remembered this form, my female form. My boobs, my vagina, my ass, my hips, my curves. I can even remember how to put on a bra, something I had never had to do before. But, wait, what am I saying? Of course I had to do it before. I’ve had to do it every day since middle school! My breasts may not be that big, but they came to me pretty early.
And speaking of the girls, my boyfriend’s eyes haven’t left them since I took my clothes off. I think maybe it’s time I let him get a closer view…

Hilary’s Unfortunate Morning

“Good morning boys!” I said as I woke. After months of only one guy, I thought doing several might give me bigger tits faster. And I could tell from the weight I felt that it had worked.
“Boys?” Still no response. I opened my eyes and tried to sit up, but was immediately thrown back down. I put my arms to my chest, trying to gather up all my new titflesh. “Oh gosh these things must weigh a ton!” I said cradling them as I got up. Once I had stood, I released them, and was pulled down to the ground hard. I hefted them again and got steadily to my feet. I suddenly felt the need to go to the bathroom, so I tried walking down the hall, which ended up as more of a waddle. I finally made it and sat down on the toiled, only to find I was still at least half a foot off the seat. “What the-” I said, dropping my tits and twisting to look behind me.
My ass. I forgot about my ass! The thing had grown as huge as my tits had, maybe even more! How was I supposed to sit down with this thing!?
Somehow though I managed, and waddled back to my room, slowly learning how to walk in my new huge form. “C’mon, where’s the stone…” I muttered, digging through the pockets of my pants from last night. I know it could give me another wish, and I know I had to get rid of these things! A-ha! Finally I found it, and holding it tightly I made my wish.
Nothing. I didn’t feel the usually warmth, and the stone didn’t glow.
It’s magic was gone. I sat down on my bed, my huge ass flattening out slightly beneath me, my tits wobbling even with only my breathing. This was me now. There was no magic that could put me back.
This time, the change was permanent.

A Poor Wish

For years my friends had mocked my small chest. All of them were so well endowed, and here I was, stuck with A-cups at 25. Until one night, when I made a fateful wish on a shooting star…
“I wish that anything I put up to my bare chest, except my shirts, would be turned into titflesh…” I went to bed then, not feeling any different, and woke up the next day:
“I still don’t feel any different…” I said. Maybe I just have to test it out. After putting my pants on, I saw my soccer ball in the bottom of my closet.
“I wonder…” I said, picking it up and smashing it against my tiny boobs. Suddenly I felt a warm sensation spread through out my chest, and before I knew it the cold material of the ball in my hands had been replaced with the warmth of my tits!
“I have tits now!” I shouted before I looked down, a slight mix of horror on my face:
My tits didn’t just get the size of the soccer ball, they had gotten the color too! “What the heck? No, I wanted just normal old boobs!” I ran into the shower in an attempt to wash it off, but nothing. My tits now had the color pattern of a pair of soccer balls.
I sighed, and stepped out of the shower, wrapping my towel around me. Too late I felt the warmth rise again in my chest, and before I knew it I was naked again, and my tits had taken on a new color.
I lifted them, and looked down at my blue boobs. Panicking, I ran back into my bedroom, my new huge tits flopping everywhere as I did so. I shut my door hard, and flopped down onto my mattress. That was my next mistake…
I felt the warmth in my chest swell again…

“Most Feminine”

When I found the genie I knew I wanted to be a hot woman. The trouble was, the genie said he was only going to grant me one wish. So I wished to be “the most woman of any woman on the planet”, imagining myself with a giant tits and a curvy body. Read more