Helping a girl

Andy was taking the same route home everyday and everyday on his way he saw a little girl, playing all alone. At first Andy didn’t bother but the sight was melting his heart. A girl her age should have friends so one day he asked if he can play with her. The girl was happy and from then, everyday as Andy was going back from work he spend some time playing with the girl. Her name was Linda and sadly she didn’t have any friends.

Andy enjoyed their time together and was glad he did something nice for someone. One day Linda asked him an unusual question “Would you like to be my sister?” Andy looked at her puzzled. “Me? You know i’m a guy and i can’t be…” Andy stopped seing her sad face. “Nobody want to” She started to sob. “There, there it’s fine. No need to cry. If you want it i will gladly become your sister” Andy tried to cheer her up. “Yay!” Linda clapped her hands. At this moment Andy didn’t notice his eyes changed colour and his hair became longer. His frame shrinked in size and changed in shape into a girl’s body, Andy was now a teenage girl. “Sweetie, i didn’t knew you ment it literaly” He smiled trying not to hurt Linda’s feelings but she didn’t listen and gave him a big hug. “Finally i have a big sister” Linda was delighted.


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