Stealing booze

The neighboor girl was having a party. She and all of her girl friends were very hot so me and my roommate had quite the show. We watched at them from the distance when suddenly i got an idea to sneak in there and get some booze. My friend, Kevin thought it’s a stupid idea but i insisted. Finally i went there while Kevin stayed at home.
I was able to get in there but soon i was caught by the girls. They tied me and one of them forced me to drink a beer. “You want booze? Here, drink” She laughed. After i swallowed the last bit i started to feel funny. Soon my body started to change along with my clothes. Before i could even say something i was a woman. I had breasts, vagina and a nice figure. I was dressed in a skirt and a top on thin straps. Even my underwear changed, i could feel i was wearing a thong. The girls then untied me and let me go. As i left their house i looked back hoping they will change me back but they laughed and went back to the house. Without any plan i went back to my place. On my way i started to think how handsome Kevin is. Just thinking about him was turning me on. It looks like someone got lucky today and will recive a nice blowjob.


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