The Diary

Today began like any normal day. I got up, took a shower, yelled at my roommate Aaron and made breakfast. Aaron came out into the kitchen, naked (he never wears clothes in the house. Its nasty. ), and said, “Yo. Make me food!” I told him to screw off and make his own food, also to put on some pants and cover up his baby dick. He didn’t exactly like that. (He actually has a pretty big dick. ) I told him to deal with it and I left for work. I work at a second-hand book store.

Halfway through my shift, some homely looking old lady walked in all covered in rags. She said, “I was wondering if you could buy this old diary and for how much.” Her voice sounded all gravely but I felt a huge wave of sympathy for her. I said, “Ma’am, my boss doesn’t really want me to buy diaries, but how about I buy it instead. Here’s 50 dollars.”

“Bless you!” She said. This book served me well my entire life, but I’m ready to move on. Plus, its magic doesn’t work for me anymore. ”

“Magic?” I asked. “Yes, write anything inside it and whatever you wrote will become true! Thank you so much, and enjoy every bit of the book.” She left the store without another word.

I honestly didn’t believe her, but I decided to wait until I got back to my apartment before try it out. When I got back, I found Aaron, naked still, on the couch playing videogames. “Damnit Aaron, is this what you did all day?”

“Yep.” He responded. I shook my head and left the room. When I got into my bedroom, I sat down at my tiny oak desk and pulled the book out of my satchel.

It looked pretty ordinary. Brown, leather cover, blank old pages, the works. I decide to try it out. The old woman did say that the book would make anything I write become true. So, I wrote ‘Aaron isn’t lazy and made dinner. He also wears clothes all of the time.’

I felt stupid, but I walked out to the kitchen and found Aaron, fully clothed, holding a beautiful lasagna. “You hungry?” He asked. “No thanks, I already ate.” I responded. “Okay, but there may not be leftovers when I’m done.” With that, he began scarfing the whole thing down.

I looked at the book in my hands and realized I had power now. Someing I had lacked my entire life. Power to do anything. I sat down across from Aaron and wrote ‘Aaron has a pussy. ‘ I also wrote ‘Aaron and I are in my room.’ With that, everything went blurry and we arrived in my room.

“What the fuck!” Said Aaron. “How did we get in your room and why do things feel weird down there?” He stripped then and there and gasped. “Why. In hell. Do I have a vagina?”

I just smiled and wrote in the book ‘All of Aarons body hair is gone and his muscle mass has decreased to that of a healthy woman.’ Those changes occurred. Aaron was freaking out at this point. “Man, are you doing this? Stop it!”

I just kept writing. ‘Aaron is 5″ 2’. ‘Aaron’s red hair is now back length and neat’. Aaron has the face of a beautiful woman with large lips and full eyelashes. His hips and waist are that of a woman. Aaron’s butt is large and soft. ‘ All of this became reality. I realized that Aaron’s voice seemed out of place now. I wrote ‘Aaron has an incredibly high pitch, girly voice.’ I decided to finish it up with ‘Aaron, now Alisha, has E up brwats and is my kinky girlfriend who only wants to pleasure me.’

And with that, it was done. No longer was buff, naked Aaron standing before me. Now, beautiful Alisha was standing before me. “Hiya sweety. Well, we’re already in your room, so let me give you a blowjob.” With that, she smiled, uzipped my pants and gave me the first blowjob of my life. I thought to myself, ‘This diary could be the best thing that has ever happened to me.


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