Hate to Embrace

Joe Donovan was a hard working farmer most of his life, and one night after a long days work on the fields, he wished on a shooting star.

“I wish I had a fresh start in a new and exciting life,” said Joe.

In the morning he was stunned to wake up later than normal, and in a high rise apartment in the city, instead of his farmhouse at the crack of dawn. Speaking of dawn, he would later find that was “his” new name, Dawn Littles. He got up and quickly found he was a strikingly beautiful young woman, perhaps a city gal? He was dressed in a sexy night outfit as well. He couldn’t believe how short and petite he was now, and how soft and curvy his body was, so sensual now, compared to his hard muscular male body. His new breasts, and ample bottom were very noticeable, along with the long hair and tiny hands and feet. Once he spoke, his own voice was strange to him also, he was used to having that typical deep male voice, now a mousy high one, almost sounding like a chipmunk!

Joe later found his name as Dawn Littles, and he gazed over the balcony pondering what he would do next, still in shock taking it all in, and not sure he could ever get used to this. Then he heard a gentle male whisper in his right ear, while he was peering out into the city.

“Hey Dawn, want to ride my farm equipment? I know you would have liked to got on it at the crack of dawn like a farmer, but this is the best I could do, I just got back from my delayed flight from Tokyo on business, and I just made my company billions. Time to celebrate, we are both rich, and I bet you’re glad your my wife now aren’t you, sweet honey,” said the man.

“Farm equipment? Really,” asked Joe in intrigued.

Joe’s doubts about being a woman in this new life subsided, when he felt that “farm equipment” ride up into his new equipment! He was having hot steamy sex right there in the balcony. Apparently this man was his husband, and in this change reality from the wish, Joe was Dawn, a former farm girl turned city girl, who still loved aspects of the farm, besides leaving it behind for the city life. Hence the farm reference to her hubby’s very large penis. The new Dawn felt waves of pleasure, almost as if she was going to be split in two by this guy twice her size with a massive erection inside her now.

The new Dawn was so into it eventually she gave in and said in blissful ecstasy, “Oh farm me baby, plant your seed up in there so we can grow a love child you handsome stud.”

The man, who’s name was Larry, obliged, and pulled out briefly to rip off his condom, then reentered the new woman, planting his seed up in her. Both exploded in orgasm with Dawn having two in a row. The new Dawn didn’t even know why she said that about having their love child, but it was her farm reference after his, and the sex was amazing. Perhaps at that moment she did want their love child. Instead of raising crops in the country, she could raise a baby in the city, and be the opposite, a woman in the city, a fresh start in a new and exciting life.


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