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Hate to Embrace

Joe Donovan was a hard working farmer most of his life, and one night after a long days work on the fields, he wished on a shooting star. Read more

Teen Dream

Ted wished he was young again, and at the same time Tina wished she was older, and a shooting star was over Ted’s house. The wish was granted the easiest way, swapping their bodies! Suddenly Tina was in Ted’s big muscular hairy body in LA, while Ted was in Tina’s small soft hair free body in England. Read more

‘Nam ’60’s

Gary was fascinated with history, Vietnam in particular. His grandpappy had been in Vietnam, and he loved hearing the stories, but somehow that wasn’t enough. One night after hearing another story from his gramps, he stayed on the porch while his gramps went to bed. He seen a shooting star and made a wish. Read more

Class Change

Ted was tired of being a student in class and made a wish on a star that things would change in class. The next day when in class, he blacked out, and when he came to, things were different! He felt strange right away, and looking down seen why, he was dressed like a woman, and actually his body felt strange too, in fact he thought he might just be a woman now! As he tried to speak, he heard his new female voice, and was shocked. Read more