Girl’s school @stryke89

“Comming to town was a great idea” Alex thought while playing on the arcade game in a local shop. He haven’t seen these for a while so he decided to use the occasion and forget about the upcoming football match. Alex was so absorbed shooting pixeled aliens he didn’t notice when two girls aproached him. They stood behind him for a while, watching Alex playing. The girls looked at eachother and nodded in agreement. Alex didn’t know when they hit him with the light ball, he didn’t even notice the changes in his body until the very end when he felt something giggle on his chest as he moved. Confused Alex looked at his body and then at the girls smiling at him. “What’s going on?” He asked, surprisingly calm about his gender change. “Well Lexi, me and Amelia were thinking if you want to join us tonight at my place?” She asked. Lexi wondered for a bit. “Come on Lexi, Erica has great sleepovers, you have to come” Amelia tried to convince her. “I would love to but i can’t today” Lexi lied. “that’s such a shame” Erica sighed. “Maybe other time” Lexi smiled.
Amelia and Erica came out of the store and Lexi continued her game. Sure the sleepover with the girls souned nice, but Lexi had an important raid with her friends in world of warcraft and she couldn’t miss it.


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