The Book part 1. Learning about the book

Not too long ago I had found a really old dusty book just lying on the street. As I looked inside I realized it was more of a diary. It dated all the way back to the XVI century. “Wow, this must be worth some money” I thought. After reading a little more from it, I realized each date had a different wish, some dates even more than one wish. Funny how this notebook has passed from hand to hand, and people continued writting wishes on it. It was divided by chapters, and each chapter had a different name. I skipped to the end of the book and realized it had a bunch of empty pages. The last page to have some text on it was the beginning of chapter 34, and it had my name as a title. “That’s weird” I thought.

Just for the fun of it, I decided to write a wish, I looked for a pen, and wrote “I wish I lived in a penthouse apartment”. A gust of wind entered through the window. Its hard to describe the feeling, but in a way I felt like I had been ran over by a car, sans the pain. But when the feeling was gone, I was standing in a whole different apartment. I looked out the window, and I was indeed living in a penthouse. I could see the whole city from it. I couldn’t believe it. The book actually worked. I openned it again and saw how my hand writting had been replaced by actual print.

I started to think about what to write next, what could I wish. But before I wrote anything else, a friend of mine knocked at my door. “How does he knows I now live here?” I asked myself. After openning the door, I told him what I had found, but he didn’t believe me “prove it!” he said. I thought for a second about something I could do to as proof that the book worked. “I know”, I openned the book, and wrote “Mike is wearing a blue shirt”. Again, a gust of wind entered the room, and in no time, his shirt changed color. “What did you do?” he asked. “Look, your shirt colour!” I told him, “what? is blue, like it has always been”. Apparently he was unaware of the changes. “No dude, it was red a few minutes ago” I told him, “very funny, don’t you think I would remember if my favorite shirt was a different colour?”

He didn’t believe me, so I pretended to be joking. We played some videogames for a while on my 100″ tv. “Let me go for some beers” I said. While walking to the fridge, I saw my book just lying there on the kitchen counter. “Maybe I can write something more drastic, to prove I am right”. I grabbed the book, and wrote “I wish I was a woman named Kat”. I felt the gust of wind enter my kitchen. I closed my eyes, and when I openned them I realized nothing changed, I was still Kat, a woman. “Maybe the book lost its power” I said outloud.

I looked at the book, and realized the last wish had indeed worked. Apparently I used to be a man, I just didn’t remember. “Funny, I even remember my childhood as a girl. My first kiss, and having a boyfriend”. I giggled when I remembered that just yesterday I had sex with him. I looked down and realized I was almost naked, only wearing a nightgown. I grabbed my coffee and walked back to my living room, where my boyfriend was sitting down, waiting for me. “Oh you look hot” he said. That made me feel sexy. I kneeled over him, moving sexily over him. I had one thing in mind, and only one thing, I wanted him inside of me. Who cares if I used to be a man, right now I am a woman, and a really horny one.


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